Desert Fox 50. Airsoft M98B

Velocity Airsoft Snow Wolf .50 Cal Spring Airsoft Gun

The  JG Snow Wolf M82 M107 Airsoft AEG Rifle  is a dead accurate rifle with a whopping pellet speed of 400 fps; this air soft rifle is modelled over the m98b and should be used by intermediate Airsoft players. In amongst the many different types of Airsoft rifles this one stands out due to its high capacity of Gas in its piston compartment and the fact it has a much longer-range capability than the other. Wearing protective gear is recommended when coming up against this rifle due to its fast pellet speed.

Airsoft Snow Wolf M98B – Pros

  • It has a fast pellet travel time
  • It has a comfortable stock
  • Large amount of piston storage

Snow Wolf Airsoft M98B – Cons

  • It is extremely large
  • It does not come with pellets
  • It cannot be used in close range

Snow Wolf Airsoft M98B – More Information

The Snow wolf .50 has a collapsible stock for easy carrying there is a rail on the top so that the user can attach and detach his or hers own scopes whether it be close range 4x or long range 8x which the rifle comes equipped with.

 Maintaining the weapon:

Maintaining the rifle should be a regular occurrence removing the barrel and removing any and all dust in the interior to keep the weapon at top performance as well as purchasing a carrying case. Unfortunately the snow wolf does not come with a carrying case and a separate one should be purchased.

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