Crane Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidifier REVIEW




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Crane Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidifier

This Ultrasonic cool mist air humidifier is one of the top-of-the-line new Air Humidifier made by Crane. Crane is a new and innovative company that design new products for everyday living. This is a slim rain-drop shaped air humidifier design to increase the air moisture for easier  breathing which also reduces coughing, cold and flu symptoms. This product comes with a one year warranty.


This Product has many features such as:

  • Holds 1 Gallon of water
  • Produces 2.3 Gallons of moisture
  • Does not require a filter to run
  • 1 year warranty
  • Auto shut off safety sensor
  • Auto Shut off when empty
  • 360° mist nozzle
  • Almost silent
  • 24-hour run time


On amazon you can get this item for $54.99 $41.99 with free shipping and if you buy the extra one-day shipping you can get it with under 24-hours. This is one of the few good quality Air Humidifiers on the market, but why is that; it has good build quality, it does it’s job really well and it doesn’t need that much maintenance. It has a modern simplistic rain drop design, it gives rooms a more interesting and futuristic feel without bringing the overall quality of the room down.


What does it do?

For some of you that may not know what an Air Humidifier does already it makes dry air moist by increasing the indoor humidity level. But how? Untreated dry air enters the system around side and back of the humidifier. The dry air passes through the saturated wick filter. Moisture is added into the air while sediment, minerals and other impurities remain trapped in the filter. Clean invisible mist is the distributed throughout the room by a powerful quiet fan.

The main benefits of the crane humidifier

The main benefits of the crane humidifier are to relieve the discomfort from nasal congestions, dry itchy skin, chapped lips, dry throat and flu symptoms.


Known Problems

Some known problems for the crane ultrasonic humidifier are if you have to many minerals in your tap water it is highly recommended that you use distilled water or water with less minerals in it as it can change the way the air humidifier runs.


User Reviews


“Very nice product.”

“Love it, it is perfect for a single room, easy to use and fill”

“This humidifier is a life safer!! It’s so incredibly quiet you can hardly tell it’s on, yet it’s very effective. It’s saved our little ones from many sick, restless nights by providing some much needed relief from congestion. It’s also easy to clean. Well worth the money.”

The TANK ITSELF is impossible to clean due to the small opening but widening interior

“It is everything I could ask for. Fill it once a day its good for 24 hrs has helped with the dryness in the room” 

It has to be refilled CONSTANTLY”

“This product was exactly what I was looking for!. It is quiet and works great.” 


“Easy to fill, easy to operate, easy to breathe!”




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