CowboyStudio Photography Photo Studio Video Quick Softbox Lighting Light Kit.

clicke here to buy this productThis product is good for photographers or film makers. It provides an even lighting for your needs. Its a very good product and easy to transport and handle also to set up.



set up in seconds, no rods to bend or lose,

Made of durable high quality material,

Quick set-up design makes shooting a breeze


This kit is good to use for any studio. this kit is one of the best kits for photography on the market, continuous lighting with high power. this softbox can be set up in seconds, by pushing the centre ring over the fixture, no more hassle. softboxes are lights inside a box that reflects from inside the box to create a bigger light. this softbox produces constant lighting, giving you even lighting all around the area you need it. You will get almost shadowless lighting where this light is directed at. These lights do NOT get hot when being used for a long period of time and stay the same light balance when you are using it.


Customer Reviews:

After reading most of the reviews on, i found that they are all positive. Saying how the lights have improved videos 100% and how they are quick to transport and setup, perfect for a beginner and how they are more than happy for what they received. It is a trouble free product and suitable for biginners.

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