Corsair Gaming K65 RGB & RAZER Black Widow Chroma Comparison

Have you ever been wanting a colorful keyboard that shimmers and shines all the colors of the rainbow? If so then I have the best keyboard comparison for the people that love colourful things. If you are interested in buying the product after reading this keyboard comparison click on any of the images and you will be taken to amazon.

Corsair K65 RGB Keyboard – Cherry Red

The Corsair K65 RGB keyboard is a Mechanical gaming keyboard. It is a beautiful keyboard and is perfect for any kind of PC gamer. The quality of this keyboard makes this keyboard the best low tier keyboard that corsair currently sells. This keyboard is compact and very reliable, with %100 no ghosting for up to 22 keys that are perfectly spaced to minimise typing errors.

The K65 comes with a removable arm resting pad for extra comfort. This arm rest is corona-treated plastic and feels very soft to the touch, adding extra comfort for short to medium term typing.[1] This aluminum keyboard makes it super light and very strong. This keyboard has the ability to add in macros, these can be set into every single key if you really want.

All the colors of the rainbow are at your expense with this keyboard, you can set any color pattern. This is the most extravagant component to the keyboard. This is the reason that most people will really like it. On Amazon this keyboard costs $170 U.S. Dollars. If you want to read more on this keyboard go to


  • Colours are bright
  • Keys have great spacing
  • Keys have good bounce
  • The arm rest is good for shorter term typing


  • The Arm rest is uncomfortable for long term typing
  • The price is fairly expensive for the quality
  • There is no number pad
Razer BlackWidow Chroma Clicky Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


The RAZER black widow keyboard is a slightly cheaper alternative to the Corsair K65 keyboard. It is a great gaming keyboard. With a ten no ghosting key limit, a short switch space and a great bounce back rate it makes it perfect for fast movements and a quick reaction time. The Black widow keyboard has a great color range, with a possibility of any combination of any colors the only limit is your imagination.

The RAZER BLACKWIDOW keyboard is amazing for Gaming but for everyday use is hard to use. The keys are not spaced very far apart and the keys are so sensitive that it is not uncommon to make many mistakes when typing. The keys have too much bounce for normal typing, so the keys then come back and then you accidentally press that key again. The Black widow has 5 built in macro keys set into the left hand side of the keyboard, these can be set to any task.


  • Fairly cheap
  • Colours are really bright
  • Quiet keys
  • 5 macro keys


  • Very small keyboard
  • Keys are very close

Keyboard Comparison

Now for the Keyboard comparison.The RAZER Black widow is perfect for the gamers that want to spend a little less money, the K65 is however the perfect keyboard for both normal use and gaming. The K65 has less ghosting with a twenty-two key limit whereas the Black Widow has a ten key limit for ghosting. The K65 however has less keys than the black widow as it doesn’t have a number pad. Both of the keyboards have macros that can be built in. The K65 is a more compact keyboard so that it can easily be transported to LAN parties. The K65 is made out of strong aluminum but the Black Widow is made of hard plastic. The Black Widow and the K65 at maximum brightness have the same luminosity. The K65 has better spaced keys that are more responsive than the Black Widow’s because the Black Widow’s keys are all very tightly spaced. The K65 is a better keyboard for both gaming and everyday use but has a higher price of $150 to $200 U.S. dollars whereas the Black Widow costs $130 to $170 U.S. dollars. I would recommend the Corsair K65 more highly because of the fact that it can be used for more than gaming but I would recommend the Black Widow for any people that will just use it for gaming.


[1] Fylladatakis, E 2015, The Corsair Gaming Keyboards and Mice Range: An Experiential Test, Anandtech, accessed 16 February 2016, <>.


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