Contemporary Dining Table

This amazing dining table is a table with 6 brilliant looking chairs and can come in white and black.

dining table yay

It comes with free shipping and takes around 3 to 5 days to be delivered to your door. The price changes from around $385.00-$400.00. This Dining Table is one of the best out there, with up to 6 chairs!! In my opinion the chairs are comfy and the table looks quite good itself. As you can see in the photo above the chairs have strong legs to keep you from not falling or them not breaking. This table is an inside table and isn’t the heaviest table meaning it can be knocked over quite easily.

Pros of the table include the fact that it can fit in with most families unless of course your family is bigger than the usual. There aren’t any noises made from the chairs when moving back or tucking in. Chips can be fixed up easily and the table can take a lot of heat for a glass table. This table is half built for you when you unpack so it takes a few screws and then you are done.

Here are some Cons, overall this table is quite good but there are some cons that cannot be hidden from the general public. For Instance the table glass isn’t very strong one drop of a cup and you might have a crack on your table. A second Con, the legs of the chairs are extremely small and can be overturned quite easily. Sometimes the table cannot connect to the actual stand so the setup takes quite a bit of effort to actually connect everything together and keep it from falling over. Also unfortunately the company or people who provide this specific item do not give you a refund if the item is delivered broken which in quite a few cases has happened.

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