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Ninja Master Prep vs Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender and Mixer System

As our lives get busier, having a blender that is both effective and efficient is imperative to saving time in the kitchen. The Conventional blender has been a part of our kitchens for as long as I can remember, but there is a new breed of blender on the Market, that seems to be a much more advanced hybrid version of what we know. Today I will be doing a comparison/review on  the Ninja Master Prep and the Magic Bullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System. These items will be critiqued on aesthetics, features/functionality, price, and personal thoughts.

Ninja Master Prep

The Ninja Master Prep vs 


The Ninja Master Prep has a modern feel to the conventional blender, but with added bonuses. It only comes in a two-tones grey colour with a clear jug. It includes a non slip base, a splashguard on the pitcher and chopper (this ensure that there is minimal mess) and storage lids. The product dimensions are 11×12.2×7 inches and weighs 453 grams.

The Magic Bullet NutriBullet has three colour variations, a mid- toned blue, red and a deep grey. It is compact in size (12.9x 9×13 inches), supposedly the size of a 1L water bottle. This set includes 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, 1 handled lip ring, 1 regular lip ring and 2 resealable lids so the food stays fresh.This blender also comes with a very helpful user manual and cook book, as well as a pocket nutritionist.


The Ninja Master Prep (made in China) contains patented blade technology, equipped with a 400-watt power pod that features a large one touch pulsing button for optimum control and switches between 16-oz chopper bowl or 48-ounce pitcher. This versatile blender claims to chop, crush, mix, blend and puree with consistent results at rapid speed. The Ninja Master is also BPA free (Industrial chemical that is in certain plastics, which can potentially cause various health issues.), dishwasher safe and comes with a one-year warranty.

The Magic Bullet NutriBullet (also made in China) is a 600-watt blender that has 1 speed setting. It comes with an extractor blade (helps pulverise food for maximum nutrition intake), a milling blade (ideal for milling grains, hopping fresh herbs, chopping nuts etc.) and a high-torque power base. This blender shares a number of similarities when it comes to its capabilities, it acts as a shredder, chopper, grinder and blender. This is also BPA free, dish washer safe and comes with a one-year warranty.


The Ninja Master Prep ranges between $20-$50 and the Magic Bullet NutriBullet ranges between $60-$90. Shipping is free for all items over $49, conversion and shipping rates apply. If you choose to buy either of these appliances I would advise purchasing them from amazon, you could save around 30% on the recommended retail price.

Personal Thoughts:

I would personally recommended the Magic Bullet NutriBullet opposed to the Ninja master prep based on a few characteristics.  Firstly it’s appearance, the Ninja Master Prep isn’t “ugly” by any means, but the Magic Bullet is something I’d prefer to see on my kitchen bench throughout the day, I like the sleek finish and the modern feel of this blender. Based on the price, both of them are relatively reasonable considering their performance. The NutriBullet is marginally more expensive but that is justifiable considering the extras that come with it. Both blenders do a great job at breaking down food, but the Nutribullet is that slightest bit faster and more efficient, considering it has more wattage. The Ninja Master Prep does have the tendency to be slightly slower and the NutriBullet leaves a slightly smoother texture, in comparison. I would personally spend that extra bit of money and buy the Magic bullet considering the pros, but if you’re on a budget and looking for a great blender, the Ninja Master Prep does a wonderful job.








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