Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent VS. Coleman 14×10 Foot 8-Person Instant Tent

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent vs Coleman 14×10 Foot 8-Person Instant Tent

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Stuck with the decision of finding a tent? Not sure what to look for with all of the choice on the market? Then this review is the one for you. I’ll be comparing two tents – the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent, and the Coleman 14×10 Foot 8-Person Instant Tent. Both of these tents are manufactured by Coleman, and can be purchased through

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These are just some key things to keep in mind and consider when looking for a new tent:

  • The number of people in your camping party (remember that gear takes up room, too!)
  • The length of your camping trip and how much of that time will be spent inside the tent
  • The amount of gear you’re bringing along
  • The distance to the campsite your tent has to be carried, and
  • The terrain, climate and temperature of your campsite

These will all affect your tent, and ultimately your camping experience, so choose your tent wisely!


Both of these tents come with the Coleman WeatherTec™ System included. It’s designed to protect your tent from the elements, so that it can be your home away from home. The WeatherTec™ System uses the latest tent weather protection technology to ensure complete comfort, and is tested in wind and rain rooms before being put onto the market. Some of these special features include:

  • Leak-free seams
  • Weather-resistant fabric (made of coated polyester)
  • Anti-wicking thread, webbing and zippers (treated to repel water rather than absorb it)
  • Inverted floor seams, and
  • Waterproof floors

There are many other features that you can check out as well by visiting the Coleman website.


This tent is a great size! It’s 16ft. by 7ft. (4.88m x 2.13m) and is 6ft. 2 in. in height (1.88m). You have sufficient space to stand and move around, and it can fit eight people, or three queen sized beds. As shown in the picture, it’s green, white and grey, and has a cabin-like design. One of the useful features that comes with the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent is the angled windows. These are specially aligned to keep water out, even if the window is open! The door awning is also handy. You can sit outside and look at the view while protected by a waterproof cover sitting over your head. This tent comes with a rainfly as well, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the budget to purchase one. But the roof is mesh, so if you wanted to, you could take off the rainfly and get wonderful sunshine during the day and a beautiful starry view at night. The Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent is also really easy to set up. The pole sleeves are snag-free and continuous, so you only have to feed the poles through once. This cuts the assembly time to about 15 minutes. There is an electrical port to bring power inside the tent, but my favourite part is the hinged tent door. You can use the zipper to open and close the door if you like, but if you don’t want to wear out the zipper, just don’t do it up! The door hinge will simply spring the door shut, and velcro will hold it in place. >>> Click to see the reviews on Amazon <<<


This tent is also a great size! While it may not be as big as the Montana, it has more head room, standing at 6ft. 5 in. (1.96m). It’s also an Instant Tent, meaning that it can be set up and taken down in a minute or less (the first time you do it won’t be as fast). It’s a fully-taped tent and completely waterproof, according to Coleman, but there is no rainfly included. One can be purchased through by clicking HERE. The Coleman 14×10 Foot 8-Person Instant Tent is made of heavy-duty fabric that is two times thicker than standard, and it has a removable tent divider. It has two doors and seven windows, which create great airflow. Again, it is just so easy to set up because the poles are in place when you pull the tent from the bag. The only thing you have to do is slide them out! >>> Click to see the ratings on Amazon <<<


Both of these tents are very similar in quality, but there are a few important features and flaws that need to be mentioned and compared. For example, the Coleman Montana Tent has the single door with the hinge, while the Coleman Instant Tent has two large doors and would probably stay cooler. The Coleman Montana Tent offers more protection from the elements with the angled windows that keep water out, and the door awning that provides shade and shelter, but what it doesn’t have is a room divider. The Coleman Instant Tent does, however it doesn’t have any extra special weather protection.

Both tents can be set up easily, with the Coleman Instant Tent being able to be set-up faster. However, quite a few reviews have said that the tent is difficult to get back into its bag and that it is very heavy to carry. Ventilation has also proved to be a problem for some people. Both tents have had mixed reviews about it, and how there have been problems with the airflow, retained heat and not enough ventilation. There are many windows in the Coleman Instant Tent to catch cool breezes, but the heat rises and cannot get out due to no ventilation in the roof. This leaves the tent hot and stuffy. The Coleman Montana Tent has roof vents, but these are small and on the sides, and don’t let out much heat. Make sure you know the climate of your campsite when deciding on a tent because, in this case, camping in cool weather would provide a pleasant tent experience, but warm weather would ruin your time spent away.

Waterproofing is also a big issue that needs to be addressed. The Coleman WeatherTec™ System guarantee states that both of the tents are waterproof, but some personal reviews say otherwise. Overall there are mixed reviews about the waterproofing – there are people who say they stayed bone dry, and people who say it was literally raining inside their tent. An important thing to note at this point is that the Coleman Instant Tent does not come with a rainfly, but one can be purchased through Amazon. Most reviews about the Coleman Montana Tent were positive, but there were some negatives, mainly being that it leaked during heavy weather. The Coleman Instant Tent’s reviews were practically the same, that some people got wet during harsh storms, but the majority of people stayed dry. Again, make sure you know the climate of your campsite when picking a tent, because you want one that is definitely 100% storm and wind proof. Just another important thing to note is that Coleman does NOT sell spare parts for the Coleman Instant Tent, so don’t accidentally break a pole because you won’t be able to replace it. Compare these reviews yourself, by visiting the Coleman Montana Tent and Coleman Instant Tent on Amazon.


Overall, I would say that either of these tents would be suitable for a camping trip. You’ve got the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent with it’s hinged door, it’s angled windows and it’s door awning, or the Coleman 14×10 Foot 8-Person Instant Tent with it’s incredibly easy set-up, it’s room divider and it’s multiple windows. I would recommend both tents, but in my personal opinion, I would have to go with the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent. It has the rainfly (I wouldn’t risk getting completely soaked), the hinged door is such a clever design, and the door awnings and angled windows really help to protect campers from the rain. It may not have a room divider or be as quick to set-up, but it is large, spacious and comfortable.

Don’t just take my advice… Compare these tents yourself! You can visit other review websites for more information, or visit Amazon for ratings, reviews, specs and prices.


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