Cherub Metronome WSM 330

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The Cherub Metronome WSM-330. The Cherub WSM-330 is a high quality metronome that plays a simple wood block chop sound.
It’s very stylish and sleek, made of black plastic and silver metal parts.
To me it looks really nice, you know, it’s a nice shape, with a very smooth finish, and all the colours go really well together. It’s very aesthetically pleasing.

This is the original, compact, pocket-sized metronome. It features an incredibly accurate audible timing system that is easily adjustable via moving the counterweight.
Despite being smaller than other metronomes, it performs just as well with its full tempo range. It’s also powered up by a wind up mechanism, meaning it’s battery free! So yeah, you don’t have to worry about batteries. Plus, it’s loud enough to be heard even over the loudest of instruments. So you never need to worry about hearing your beat over your drums or your loud saxophones or anything like that. This truly is Cherub’s best compact metronome. This product is great for any musician of any skill level.

The reason why this product is so great is that it is one of the best traditional metronomes on the market, for one of the best prices. However, it does face some tough competition from digital metronomes. The Korg TM50BK Instrument Tuner and Metronome is one example of some of the competition traditional metronomes face on the market. The Korg TM50 has a wide range of tempos from 30-252 bpm, wider than the Cherub’s range of 40-208 bpm. The Korg TM50 also has the option to choose from 15 different rhythms for the tick of the metronome, whereas the Cherub WSM 330 only has the option of the traditional ticking noise, plus the optional bell noise on the downbeat. The Korg TM50 even has a built in tuner. So why would the Cherub WSM 330 be a better option?

Well, with some louder instruments the sound of the Korg TM50 is too quiet to be heard, which would not be a problem with the Cherub WSM 330. Plus, it’s a lot easier to follow the beat using a traditional metronome, rather than with a digital one. This gives the Cherub WSM 330 another advantage. Additionally, unlike the Korg TM50, the Cherub WSM 330 does not require batteries, meaning it will never run flat in crucial moments in your playing. Also, traditional metronomes are a lot easier to use. To use the Cherub WSM 330, all you need to do is slide the weight up or down the arm to get to the required tempo. To use the Korg TM50, you need to goes through various menus and press a bunch of buttons to achieve the same thing. The Cherub WSM 330 also has the traditional metronome sound, while the Korg TM50 has 15 different beeps. So, sometimes those beeps are annoying and you don’t really get the same type of understanding of the beat as you would with a traditional wood block sound, so yeah. I believe these are the reasons why traditional metronomes, like the Cherub WSM 330, are better than digital metronomes, like the Korg TM50.

Before making a choice on what to purchase, I’d suggest to ask yourself exactly what you are looking for. If you’re looking for a tuner, then perhaps the Korg TM50 is a better choice for you. If you’re after a quality metronome, then the Cherub WSM 330 is definitely what you are after. I would suggest checking both out for yourself to make sure you get the right product for your needs.

The reasons why the Cherub WSM 330 really stands out for me is its design. Its a beautiful metronome. The silver pendulum really looks nice on the black body, and it’s also got a really nice shape. The writing on its face is also really nice and easy to read. The metronome also has the traditional metronome sound, which is a favourite with a lot of people. It’s also incredibly easy to use the metronome. So yeah, it’s a very nice tool for any musician.

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