Camouflage suit

About this product

This product will hide you in the deepest woods the highest mountain and in the lowest valley. This product has a 4.5 star product rating, it is amazing and works wonders. My brother and I were outside with some friends and we were playing Hide and Seek I put the suit and it was 6:00 PM before I gave up and walked out.

How big is the suit?

  • The suit is made for all sizes, it even fits children. It has a revolutionary new technology “ELASTIC BANDS” it makes fitting children and teenagers easy.

What is it made of?

The suit is made up of small fibres which combine into many different colours to make a camouflage suit perfect for your hunting and fishing trips that you and your family might take.

What are the different Camouflages that come with the suit?

  • The suit has three different camouflages, mixed style, woodland and forest design, forest and grassland design. these camouflages are all the same size and the same price as the one before. {([BONUS]}) No more paying high prices for each camouflage these camouflages are all low prices.

How much does it cost?

  • This suit comes in at about $27.99 US dollars, it is cheap which makes it affordable and fully functionally in what ever you are doing at that particular time.

Modern Warrior Woodland And Forest Design Ghillie Suit 3-piece One Size Fits All Children


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