The Breville Adjustable Panini Grill Press

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I used to be a restaurant owner and chef, making fabulous toasted sandwiches and fat free healthy grilled dishes with flat grill plates. I left that industry but I missed using that helpful kitchen tools.  

Breville Panini Grill


  • Grease and liquid trough
  • Plastic cleaning scraper


Personally I think this kitchen tool is very helpful in busy lifestyles. A two in one kitchen tool it grills and toasts. This Panini Grill has a three-coat non-stick titanium-infused surface called Quantanium for additional scratch resistance and durability. The side of the Panini Grill has a sliding mechanism, which allows you to set the top plate to several different heights. With the adjustable top grill not only prevent delicate ingredients from getting crushed, but gives you another place to cook eggs with an easy clean. It also has an adjustable temperature gage that maneuverers from seared to toast. This tool has multiple purposes and would be a great tool in a family home. It doesn’t only makes it easy for members in your household, but it makes the meals much healthier. The Panini Grill also comes with a grease and liquid trough, which makes it easier to clean. The Panini also has a stainless steel surface, making the product strong and reliable.


A product like this will have its down sides for example, the Panini Grill  it rather heavy, but weight shows quality. The Panini Grill also takes quite a bit of space in the kitchen. When using the Panini Grill you have to be gentle with the sliding height adjuster for it can easily be broken. After a few years of hard-core grilling and toasting the grill slowly starts to malfunction, for instance one side of the grill will cook but the other side won’t. In conclusion the product will last and be good to you for quite a long period of time but at one point it will let you down.

Breville Panini Grill Press >>>Click HERE to see Amazons rating, pricing, specifications and reviews<<<


Breville ‘thought of food,’ produces strong and reliable kitchen appliances.  Breville is a maker of small kitchen appliances, founded in Sydney, Australia, in 1932. They created the original sandwich toaster. The product was a huge success upon its launch in Australia in 1974, selling up to 400,000 units in its first year and making the Breville brand a household name in Australia.


In conclusion, the Breville Panini Grill Press is a great kitchen appliance, especially in a family home. It is durable, long lasting and worth your money.

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