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A toy currently available in your local Target or Walmart, Hasbro’s Bop It! is a great toy to have in your house any time. It’s fun, challenging, and is a wonderful game for all ages! I have personally used Bop It! on many occasions, and I’ve found it to be engaging and entertaining, especially when I’m close to smashing my high score! It’s been part of my life for quite a few years, and I have loved it all the way… But, why do I love it exactly? Read on to find out.


4 actions –

  • Bop It! – Push the white button
  • Twist It! – Turn the yellow knob
  • Pull It! – Pull the blue knob
  • Shout It! – Shout into the open green microphone
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3 modes –

  • SOLO – an individual quest to beat your high score and progress to the next level
  • PASS IT – is a multiple person mode. Hand Bop It! to the next person when you hear ‘Pass It!’
  • PARTY – similar to ‘Pass It!, except you use your whole body to play

3 lPULL ITevels of difficulty –

  • NOVICE – actions called out as voice commands
  • EXPERT – mixed track of voice commands and sound effects (eg. scratched record sound for Shout It!)
  • MASTER – track of voice commands, sound effects and colour commands (eg. “WHITE” is Bop It!)

Expert and Master difficulties are not available when first starting the game. Completing 100 commands in Novice unlocks Expert, and 100 commands in Expert unlocks Master. If you get 100 commands in Master, you’ve won the game!!! Find more information about the features HERE.

PROS:Side view

I really enjoy playing Bop It!. The three different modes are fun to try out with friends, and I like having a challenge when I play the higher levels. At the moment I’m trying to beat my high score in Master, which is currently 66 (not for long…), and it’s really exciting when the commands are called out faster and faster, or when you think you’ve beaten your score. It’s a great way of improving co-ordination, as you have to respond correctly to the voice command, so this game would help children develop their fine motor skills. Bop It! is also light, easy to hold and easy to store. There are no detachable parts, meaning it’s travel-friendly and could be taken to parties, friends’ houses, and other places. I find it to be sturdy and strong as well, and unlikely to break over a short period of time. Another great asset of Bop It! is the volume control. Twisting the yellow knob when not playing the game changes the volume from quiet, to LOUD, and to BLASTING. This is useful because you can turn down the volume of the commands to suit your environment, while still having a fun time.

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Bop It! is a great game, but there are a few downsides to the product that you might want to consider. First of all, it can seem repetitive and annoying to anyone who isn’t playing. There is constant noise, as every action has a sound effect attached, and while there is volume control, hearing the commands over and over again can make one feel irritated. Another con that parents might want to consider is the voice saying the commands. At the end of the game, it occasionally lets out a sarcastic comUpper viewment, like ‘Uh, hello…?’. While I don’t find this to be a massive issue for me, a parent might not like it if their child starts repeating these comments. There are more positive comments than negative, but it really depends on your own allowances. Also, if you have movement/arm trouble, this isn’t the game for you. A rather large downside to Bop It! is that it can become boring quickly. The fun is pretty much contained in the moment of playing, and there isn’t much else to look forward to in the game except the possibility of beating your high score. I personally really enjoy using Bop It!, but often it sits on my shelf for long periods of time before I pick it up and play it again. If you have a short attention span, this game isn’t for you, but there are other versions of Bop It! such as Bop It Smash! and Bop It XT! that might hold your focus a bit longer. What have other people said about Bop It!? Click here to find out. 


To me, I find Bop It! to be a great game worthy to be in any household. Even if it may not get its fair share of playing, it’s challenging, it’s fun, and it’s a terrific way of entertaining yourself and others. I would certainly purchase it if I didn’t have it, but it’s your choice whether or not you think you’d enjoy it, or if you’d get bored quickly. Try Bop It! and see! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed…

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