Boombox V2 Vibration Speaker

Boombox V2 Vibration Speaker



Boombox is small and light so can be taken anywhere, it comes in multiple colors and can be powered by USB or 2 AAA batteries. Boombox V2 is must for everyone this summer. The original boombox V2 vibration speaker is a smaller more compact version of the boombox making it easy to carry in your purse or pocket. It has a cord that wraps inside the unit. It also comes with a rubberized anti-stratch coating. This portable speaker is for use with mp3 players, cell phones, ipads and laptops. It will turn anything you stick it to into a speaker.



 Type: Speaker

Brand Name: boombox

Quantity: 4 pcs in 1 lot

Net Weigh: 200g

Size: 85*36mm

Colour: White, ,Black,

Rated Power: 1W

Freq. Response Scope: 300Hz~10000Hz

Power Supply Voltage: 3~5V



People are saying the it makes the songs sound funny but that’s is because it all depends what you put it on and what its made of and how much the thing its on can vibrate.

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