Which Is The Best XO Turtle Beach Headset Model?

Which is the best XO Headset?

This Small blog will be talking about which is the Best of the XO turtle beach headset models, I will be telling you whether they are worth the money to go for the more expensive models or to stay on a lower model. I have researched thoroughly as well as I own the XO Four stealth so most of these reviews will be 90% accurate but everyone will have different views on these products; Please Enjoy!

XO Four Stealth

I personally own the XO four Stealth turtle beach gaming headset my self and I’m really loving it I’ve had for just over 2 months and its great i don’t only use it for gaming but the detachable microphone can make for some really high level music headphones that can noise cancel out any other people. I have found a couple of flaws though; when i first got the headset and went to plug the microphone in i didn’t realise that it needs to make a small click so when using it make sure you hear the click (Note the XO four and the XO four stealth look the same). Turtle Beach – Ear Force XO Four Stealth Gaming Headset – Xbox One

XO Four

Essentially the XO four headset is the same as the Stealth headset but theres only two variables the first being is that the other model has a muffler on the end of the microphone so that you can talk quieter while gaming and this one has the original headset adaptor that comes with the cheapest xbox one default headset only change being that you can disconnect the headset form the adaptor. Turtle Beach – Ear Force XO Four Gaming Headset – Xbox One

XO Seven

The XO seven model is the next step up from the XO four models as it has a higher price and its really for those people who are willing to invest in their gaming experience, This is the second most expensive XO model only being beaten by XO Seven Pro. At your first look at this headset it may look uncomfortable and even maybe a little tight but after peoples feedback they have claimed that it can give hours of comfortable gaming but it can get a bit hot at times so you may have to take breaks, This headset has stuck to the original turtle beach design using the black and green but customisable plates to put on the sides can be bought of the turtle beach to give it your own little touch, These plates can come at a steep price rate though. Turtle Beach – Ear Force XO Seven Premium Gaming Headset – Xbox One

XO Seven Pro

XO Seven Pro headset is the most expensive of the XO model headsets and for good reasons, if you are really about having the best gaming experience and you’re still looking for one that isn’t over at least $200 this one is the right for you as long as you’re willing to pay the price tag. The XO seven pro has some really good features it has the new ear force audio controller plus which adds superhuman hearing feature, game and microphone presets as well as microphone monitoring it also guarantees tournament-grade durability. With its adaptor cord you don’t only have to use this headset for xbox you can use it for pc, music and mobile phone calls.[easyazon_link identifier="B00O9GVKZU" locale="US" tag="revste-20"]Turtle Beach – Ear Force XO Seven Pro Premium Gaming Headset – Superhuman Hearing – Xbox One



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