Beats Solo 3 Review

The Beats Solo 3

Beats by dre produce some of the best headphones out there competing with the likes of bose and sennheiser; and the beats solo 3 are one of the most, if not most popular headphones made so far. These $400 dollar headphones have many great features but does the quality match the price?

Wireless capability

The beats solo 3 are priced as a premium product but you wouldn’t know by handling them. The difference between the beats solo 3 and other headphones is that it contains the new apple w1 chip which controls its wireless capability. If you use an apple product the headphones should instantly connect and should connect to any other product after setting the bluetooth up. This is great for quick and easy pairing to your device. The headphones can also stay connected from long distances (at least 10+ metres) which is another great advantage of the wireless. The headphones will also remember apple products through your apple id which makes it even quicker for pairing to your devices. The downside of the wireless in my own experience is that it sometimes doesn’t connect as well to some laptops or other devices and i had to plug the cord in for better listening.

Battery life

The greatest and most popular feature of the headphones is its battery life. The battery can last up to 40 hours of listening time and 5 minutes of charging is equal to 3 hours of listening. The beats solo 3 have easily the best battery life of headphones out there and you won’t have to charge them for a while. If you do somehow outlast the battery life, the headphones come with a cord alternative which sounds great, if not better than the wireless.

The listening and sound

The sound which the headphones produce are upbeat and tinny and are great for listening to if you are into music with a lot of bass and drops. If you are into clearer mids and highs then these headphones aren’t as great. The sound is great when listening in public as the padding blocks out the noise of the headphones and also the noise of outside sources which is good for silent listening. When taking calls the mic is good as well, you can hear people great and they can hear you great as well no matter where your phone is placed.

Style and comfort

Another popular reason people buy the solo 3 are because of the stylish look and design of the product and the convenience. The headphones have a sleek and smooth look all around and even the case looks cool. The headphones come in many colours, including: Gloss white, gloss black, gold, rose gold and many more colours. The headphones also have two beats signs on the side and the beats name on the top. On the side of the headphones where the beats sign is placed, their are built in buttons which you can use to control music and calls. By pressing the middle button once it pauses music or answers/ends a call, two simultaneous presses skip a song and the buttons next to the mid button increases or reduces the volume. You can also increase the volume with the device you are using. The comfort of the headphones are very good and don’t strain your ears or head, on a regular basis i wear them for at least an hour during each session and they feel comfortable the whole time. A disadvantage with the ear pads is that the material they are made of is quite soft and may wear out after a while. You can also adjust the headphones for your head and they are quite flexible considering the fragile hinges on the sides.


A great feature of the beats solo 3 is how convenient they are, you can fold them and take them with you wherever you go by placing them in the case, which comes with the box. A special touch that beats has made about the beats solo 3 are the extras which come along with the box. Within the box you get the stylish case for the headphones which is black with the beats logo in the middle, the charging cord, the cord unless you run out of battery in the wireless, a clip which can be used to attach to the case and then attach to your bag or something else. You also get the manual and a transparent/red beats sticker. These extras serve as a great surprise and are great accessories to use with your beats solo and other things.


Overall, the beats solo 3 are a great set of headphones but unfortunately the quality doesn’t match the $400 price. The reason they are so expensive is mostly because of marketing and advertisement on behalf of apple, and when you look at the shocking truth of how cheap it is to actually create the headphones (some say as low as $14), you might as well be better of with something like the Bose Quietcomfort 35 or Sennheiser momentum 2.0 or even the Beats Studio, even though they may not be as small or convenient. The beats aren’t great quality but are still a great pair of headphones, and if you have $400 laying around then, i would recommend you go buy some and try them out for yourself.


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