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Barnett Crossbow Package

(Taken from the product description) The first patented crossbow of its kind, the Predator’s pioneering design offers a shoot through foot stirrup increasing the power stroke to an amazing 15″ and 175 pound draw weight produces speeds to 375 Feet Per Second. There are many things that impress the shooter about the PREDATOR AVI. Raw performance is one that stands out. But there is more. The PREDATOR comes with a rugged, light weight magnesium riser, pistol type grip, machined trigger pull, adjustable stock and cheek piece for a more comfortable, custom shooting experience. The PREDATOR also features Barnett’s new AVI limb system combined with re-designed, high-velocity cam and cable system.

The Barnett Crossbow is the latest and greatest in crossbow technology, it weighs in at 9lbs (4.5kg), has a 175-pound draw weight and reaches speeds of up to 375-feet per second. For the price of $450 you get the Barnett Predator Crossbow, Quiver, 3 22-inch bolts and a 4x 32mm scope.


  • Patented Magnesium STR Riser
  • Realtree APG camouflage pattern81O-yzNbehL._SL1500_
  • AVi anti vibration technology, limbs, bolt retainer, and foot stirrup
  • Foot stirrup reduces vibration and noise, helping create quiet release
  • Gordon/Barnsdale laminated limbs
  • GAM composite stock
  • Adjustable cheekpiece and butt pad
  • 3.5-pound trigger pull
  • 19-inch cocked and 24-inch uncocked


Many of the customer reviews have praised about how high quality this product is and how well it works,as well as how it is the best crossbow they have used. While it may not be the most high quality crossbow on the market, it works very well for the amount you pay.




  • Comes with a 5-year warranty in case the crossbow breaks.
  • An impressive firing velocity of up to 375-feet per second.
  • Light weight, weighing in at 9lbs (4.5kg).




  • Not available for posting to some countries.
  • Some customers claim that the bolts break easily.
  • A few customers claim that parts such as the scope, stock and the string are faulty.



In conclusion this is a good quality crossbow package for a good price, If you are a hunter who loves to use crossbows, then look no further, this crossbow suits any hunters needs. Click here to view the Amazon page for this product.




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