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Cold Steel 5 Foot .625 Blowgun Big Bore Hunting Weapon



The Blowgun Big Bore Hunting Weapon is overall, 5 ft. long hunting blowgun with a carbon made handle. The Big Bore Gun package comes with a Quiver, 3 varieties of darts (22 in total) and, a blowgun. The Big Bore Blowgun Is far more than capable at felling small game such as rabbits, pheasants, ducks. Multiple accounts have reported even felling beasts such as bore and deer. The blowgun is fully deconstruct able and construct able ideal for long hunting trips and storage options.

31tjJm3mmBL._SY355_Great blowgun. 5/5 stars.The blowguns itself is awesome! I21W-6LUtTaL have the professional model 5 foot length. My only complaint are with the walking stick ferrule at the bottom, and the quivers. The ferrule is thin, hard plastic and it doesn’t look like it will stand up to a real hike. I recommend buying a rubber waling cane tip instead. For both the quivers and the ferrule, it took a small piece of scotch tape on the barrel to make them fit snug. Not a big deal, but annoying. This means you can’t just position the quivers wherever you want without first putting tape on the barrel


above is a picture of the ideal ammunition for the Big Bore Blowgun. the shaft is 9cm long.

A lot of fun for the price!.5/5 stars.I bought this 3 months ago as a birthday gift for my husband…he absolutely loves it. We are both very impressed with its accuracy and range…and it’s a lot of fun! Blowgun comes with stun darts, bamboo darts, and broad heads; all were in great shape. Easy to use…we have an eight year old & 6 year old who love it (under supervision, of course!); has turned out to be a great activity for the whole family. Fast shipping.


Kitchenaid Artisan VS Kitchenaid Hand

Kitchenaid Artisan Stand

There are many good mixers that can be used however one outshine the rest, this is the Kitchenaid Artisan mixer. It has a large variety of speeds so, changing speeds is easy because of the lever on the side of the mixer. As well as being easy to use it is also easy to clean the bowl because of its stainless steel bowl and it’s easy to remove twist system. On the opposite side is the lever to lift the motor up so you can remove the bowl for easy cleaning, unfortunately this can become mixed up and cause a bit of a mess when trying to slow the mixer. You can also change the attachment or the mixing bowl, meaning you don’t have to buy a machine for every different recipe you want to make but if you buy the commercial quality mixer it comes with a mixing paddle, dough hook and whisk and also has the option of extra attachments that can be same colour like a cover. The mixer has a sturdy base that allows you to mix easily and is very hard to knock off the bench. If you don’t like the colour of the one featured then you can pick from over 30 different colours, whether it be to match your kitchen or your favourite colour. The only downside of the mixer is that it’s very heavy to pick up and is bulky in size and the awkward shape which can be a challenge to find a place to store it. I find that when I use the mixer that it does the job fine but the weight does make it hard to place on the bench but other then that it’s marvelous and I haven’t had a problem with it yet even though it is four years old.


Kitchenaid hand Mixer

I do think that using a hand mixer would be better and it is much lighter and with the choice of have the same speed range as the artisan stand mixer. The only downside of using a hand mixer is that after a while your hand will fall asleep and the fact that you can’t leave the mixer and prep the next ingredient which, can be a pain but some people do think it’s much better than the artisan stand mixer. As Well as it being easy to use it is a bit like the artisan stand mixer in way that it also comes with the basic attachment with the option of buying extra attachments. But I think that the artisan stand mixer is the better option than the hand mixer. But overall I do like both mostly because they both have pros and cons but overall they are a good brand to buy from and good quality.


How To Make A Living Room Under $3000?

The total cost of this living room is $2230-$3050.


To achieve a fantastically stylish living room for under $3000 simply buy these 8 items. All of these items are suited for each other so that it looks great and they’re incredibly affordable. If you like you can even change the colours of some of the items for your choice of taste, this can be done on ( but this may slightly increase their cost. The 8 items are a couch, a coffee table, two side tables, a carpet, a 55-inch television , a tv-unit, an xbox one and two ceiling fans. Also you could add some paintings to spice up the room!  The choice of the paintings if yours – here is a link of some of the paintings to fit the style of the furnishings and to fit your price. (  

The 8 Items are


Pros: With pocket inner spring coils for extra supportive seats; quality poly fiber fill in seat and back cushions. It also has a mini bed on the end, if you ever need a nap.

Cons: Assembling at home is required but comes with all the tools you need to build the couch.

It is a sofa 3-person sofa, and oversized 38-by-26-inch ottoman; includes 2 accent pillows and hardwood frames covered in dark brown faux leather; cushions upholstered in stain-resistant microfiber.







Pros: A huge amount of storage space, strong materials which ensure a durable product.

Cons: Assembling is required, however all tools required are supplied.  Sharp edges may need to be covered to prevent injury by small children.   

A table with 3 drawers and the colour is espresso. The Dimensions are 47″ W x 23.25″ D x 17″ H


Side Table

Two side tables are included in the price.

Pro: Huge amount of storage space and areas and made of strong materials which prevents marking and scuffing and prolongs the life of the side table.

Cons: The side table may take a while to build but it comes with all the tools you will need, the corners are quite sharp and may need protection for young children.

These side tables have two drawers each: the colour of the drawer is espresso and the dimensions of  each drawer is 21.67″ W x 19.67″ D x 19.67″ H.

Price 2 for $175-$275


Pros: Reviews of this carpet have raved with praising the comfort and feel of the carpet, which means it not only looks great but will be fantastic to sit and lay on.  This carpet has been made of quality material as well as a quality production which means the wool is study and won’t fall off easily. The carpet is also very affordable.

Cons: The colour of the actual carpet might not the exactly the same colour as soon, as brightness and colour of your computer monitor can show a slightly different colour.

The carpet is 80cm in height and 120cm in length.



Pros: This 55 inch television is incredibly affordable for its size, this TV is very strong and hard to break. Also this TV has a very clear screen and it does not glitch.  

Cons: The television weighs 39.4 pounds, so therefore it might be very heavy. The TV has a shipping fee of $24.99 .

The brand name is VIZIO. The colour of the TV is black. The TV is made in America. Also you will need 2 AAA batteries but they come with the product.


shipping $24.99

Tv Unit

Pros: The TV unit is the perfect size for the TV and is made of study material so the TV is safe and secure and also it is very easy to assemble. It also comes with all the tools required to build the TV unit.

Cons: One of the cons is that you can see the wall behind the top shelf which may not be suitable for some people.

The dimensions of the TV unit is 16Lx58.25Wx16.75H. In inches. The weight of this item is 59 pounds and the TV unit is made out of wood. Also this TV unit can only hold a TV under 60 inches.



Pros: This xbox is an incredibly good price for this very latest piece of gaming technology.  Owning this xbox also means that a separate DVD player is not required as it is DVD compatible.

Cons:  The Xbox one includes: a 500GB hard drive, a Xbox One Kinect Sensor, full-game digital downloads of Dance Central Spotlight, Kinect Sports Rivals, and Zoo Tycoon, a Xbox One Wireless Controller, a 3.5mm headset jack, a 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold, AC Power Cable and a HDMI Cable.


Ceiling Fan

Pros: The fan has a lifetime warranty on the motor and a 2 year warranty on anything else.  It provides cooling as well as being a stylish fashion piece added design flair to the room.

Cons: the weight of the fan is quiet heavy as it weighs 9kg.

The fan has 5 fins and it weighs 19 pounds. The dimensions of the fan are 52 x 52 x 13.8 inches. The colour of the fan is chrome and also the material is metal and glass. The type of bulb is Halogen.

Price of 2 is $275-$350


Which Is The Best XO Turtle Beach Headset Model?

Which is the best XO Headset?

This Small blog will be talking about which is the Best of the XO turtle beach headset models, I will be telling you whether they are worth the money to go for the more expensive models or to stay on a lower model. I have researched thoroughly as well as I own the XO Four stealth so most of these reviews will be 90% accurate but everyone will have different views on these products; Please Enjoy!

XO Four Stealth

I personally own the XO four Stealth turtle beach gaming headset my self and I’m really loving it I’ve had for just over 2 months and its great i don’t only use it for gaming but the detachable microphone can make for some really high level music headphones that can noise cancel out any other people. I have found a couple of flaws though; when i first got the headset and went to plug the microphone in i didn’t realise that it needs to make a small click so when using it make sure you hear the click (Note the XO four and the XO four stealth look the same). Turtle Beach – Ear Force XO Four Stealth Gaming Headset – Xbox One

XO Four

Essentially the XO four headset is the same as the Stealth headset but theres only two variables the first being is that the other model has a muffler on the end of the microphone so that you can talk quieter while gaming and this one has the original headset adaptor that comes with the cheapest xbox one default headset only change being that you can disconnect the headset form the adaptor. Turtle Beach – Ear Force XO Four Gaming Headset – Xbox One

XO Seven

The XO seven model is the next step up from the XO four models as it has a higher price and its really for those people who are willing to invest in their gaming experience, This is the second most expensive XO model only being beaten by XO Seven Pro. At your first look at this headset it may look uncomfortable and even maybe a little tight but after peoples feedback they have claimed that it can give hours of comfortable gaming but it can get a bit hot at times so you may have to take breaks, This headset has stuck to the original turtle beach design using the black and green but customisable plates to put on the sides can be bought of the turtle beach to give it your own little touch, These plates can come at a steep price rate though. Turtle Beach – Ear Force XO Seven Premium Gaming Headset – Xbox One

XO Seven Pro

XO Seven Pro headset is the most expensive of the XO model headsets and for good reasons, if you are really about having the best gaming experience and you’re still looking for one that isn’t over at least $200 this one is the right for you as long as you’re willing to pay the price tag. The XO seven pro has some really good features it has the new ear force audio controller plus which adds superhuman hearing feature, game and microphone presets as well as microphone monitoring it also guarantees tournament-grade durability. With its adaptor cord you don’t only have to use this headset for xbox you can use it for pc, music and mobile phone calls.[easyazon_link identifier="B00O9GVKZU" locale="US" tag="revste-20"]Turtle Beach – Ear Force XO Seven Pro Premium Gaming Headset – Superhuman Hearing – Xbox One



Comparison/Review of the Modern Blender

Ninja Master Prep vs Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender and Mixer System

As our lives get busier, having a blender that is both effective and efficient is imperative to saving time in the kitchen. The Conventional blender has been a part of our kitchens for as long as I can remember, but there is a new breed of blender on the Market, that seems to be a much more advanced hybrid version of what we know. Today I will be doing a comparison/review on  the Ninja Master Prep and the Magic Bullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System. These items will be critiqued on aesthetics, features/functionality, price, and personal thoughts.

Ninja Master Prep

The Ninja Master Prep vs 


The Ninja Master Prep has a modern feel to the conventional blender, but with added bonuses. It only comes in a two-tones grey colour with a clear jug. It includes a non slip base, a splashguard on the pitcher and chopper (this ensure that there is minimal mess) and storage lids. The product dimensions are 11×12.2×7 inches and weighs 453 grams.

The Magic Bullet NutriBullet has three colour variations, a mid- toned blue, red and a deep grey. It is compact in size (12.9x 9×13 inches), supposedly the size of a 1L water bottle. This set includes 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, 1 handled lip ring, 1 regular lip ring and 2 resealable lids so the food stays fresh.This blender also comes with a very helpful user manual and cook book, as well as a pocket nutritionist.


The Ninja Master Prep (made in China) contains patented blade technology, equipped with a 400-watt power pod that features a large one touch pulsing button for optimum control and switches between 16-oz chopper bowl or 48-ounce pitcher. This versatile blender claims to chop, crush, mix, blend and puree with consistent results at rapid speed. The Ninja Master is also BPA free (Industrial chemical that is in certain plastics, which can potentially cause various health issues.), dishwasher safe and comes with a one-year warranty.

The Magic Bullet NutriBullet (also made in China) is a 600-watt blender that has 1 speed setting. It comes with an extractor blade (helps pulverise food for maximum nutrition intake), a milling blade (ideal for milling grains, hopping fresh herbs, chopping nuts etc.) and a high-torque power base. This blender shares a number of similarities when it comes to its capabilities, it acts as a shredder, chopper, grinder and blender. This is also BPA free, dish washer safe and comes with a one-year warranty.


The Ninja Master Prep ranges between $20-$50 and the Magic Bullet NutriBullet ranges between $60-$90. Shipping is free for all items over $49, conversion and shipping rates apply. If you choose to buy either of these appliances I would advise purchasing them from amazon, you could save around 30% on the recommended retail price.

Personal Thoughts:

I would personally recommended the Magic Bullet NutriBullet opposed to the Ninja master prep based on a few characteristics.  Firstly it’s appearance, the Ninja Master Prep isn’t “ugly” by any means, but the Magic Bullet is something I’d prefer to see on my kitchen bench throughout the day, I like the sleek finish and the modern feel of this blender. Based on the price, both of them are relatively reasonable considering their performance. The NutriBullet is marginally more expensive but that is justifiable considering the extras that come with it. Both blenders do a great job at breaking down food, but the Nutribullet is that slightest bit faster and more efficient, considering it has more wattage. The Ninja Master Prep does have the tendency to be slightly slower and the NutriBullet leaves a slightly smoother texture, in comparison. I would personally spend that extra bit of money and buy the Magic bullet considering the pros, but if you’re on a budget and looking for a great blender, the Ninja Master Prep does a wonderful job.








Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

S7 Edge

Click the image to view the product and reviews on Amazon!

Overview of the phone

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is Samsung’s flagship smartphone of 2016. The S7 edge is more or less a revamped version of last years Galaxy S6 Edge. This year, Samsung brought back features that were lost on the S6 and  S6 Edge and slightly changed the design of the phone, but is this enough for a consumer to upgrade or buy Samsung’s 2016 flagship smartphone?


This year’s S7 Edge is somewhat similar to last years S6 edge design wise but slight changes have been made. The phone is in my opinion the best looking smartphone to date, sporting a glass on metal design with a curved screen and curved back. Depending on what colour you purchase, it looks more like a piece of jewelry than a phone. However the phone is a huge fingerprint magnet, meaning you might find yourself wiping down your phone every 30 minutes of so.

Key Features

Samsung has decided to bring back features the s6 edge took away. This years flagship phone has:

  • Edge Screen
  • Micro SD expansion (up to 200GB, sold separately)
  • 32GB Storage Option
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • IP68 certified dust and water resistance
  • 5MP front camera with wide selfie mode
  • 12MP dual pixel rear camera with f1.7 aperture
  • Wireless charging
  • Heart Rate monitor
  • Always on Display
  • NFC
  • Colours include Black, Silver and Gold


The Galaxy S7 Edge boasts a whopping 5.5″ super amoled, quad HD, curved display. I personally think this is the best display on a smartphone. Being an amoled display, colours are extremely accurate and blacks are deep. The curved edges really do turn heads, but as for their functionality, it is in an improvement on last years model but it is still not perfect. I have found myself accidentally touching the edge screens causing unwanted things to happen.


The galaxy S7 Edge has a 12mp, dual pixel rear facing camera and a 5mp front facing camera both with an f1.7 aperture. I have found that the image quality is extremely clear and the colours are very precise on both cameras, more so the rear facing one. the cameras perform very impressively in low light conditions thanks to the f1.7 aperture.

Internal specifications and performance

There are many different variants of this phone but the Australian version is equipped with samsung’s own exynos 8890 64 bit processor along with 4GB of Ram. With the powerful processor and ram combination, the phone handles everyday use without a problem. Web browsing, emails, texting and calling all work very well. Gaming on the S7 Edge is a pleasant experience but I did experience some occasional lag on graphically intense games such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Battery Life

The galaxy S7 Edge has a massive 3600 mAh which means you won’t have to worry about putting your phone on charge during the day. I leave home at 6:30 and return home at 4:30 and during the day I watch youtube frequently, use social media, check emails etc. When I get home, i usually still have around 30% battery left. This would have to be one of the better phones when it comes to battery life.

Operating system

The Galaxy S7 Edge runs Android 6.0 marshmallow with a ‘touchwiz’ skin on top. Touchwiz has occasional lag which is less than you would expect on a flagship device. Some animations, such as the edge screen and notification centre, have not been fully optimised which causes lag occasionally.

Conclusion, Is it worth it?

The Galaxy S7 Edge is a very solid phone. With a premium look and feel, a great camera, fingerprint scanner etc. The S7 Edge is not perfect in any way but it is very good. If you are willing to fork out $1200-$1300, be sure to pick one up. The phone has as many features as you could ever want on a smartphone. I would recommend this phone to anyone who wants a futuristic, upmarket phone, but also willing to pay top dollar.


UE BOOM vs Beats Pill

Bluetooth speakers have been around for many years, with newer and better models being created all the time. Wireless speakers are becoming more and more popular as they are more practical then an ordinary speaker. This article is a comparison between two Bluetooth speakers; the UE BOOM vs Beats Pill speaker. This comparison will discuss the appearance and features of each product, and which will help you decide which speaker is best for you.


The UE BOOM is 18cm in height, and roughly 6.5 cm in width. It has a cylindrical shape and can be placed either on its side, or on either circular end. It has 360º degree sound and has a long lasting rechargeable battery life of 15 hours. This speaker can be paired to your smart phone or any other bluetooth-enabled device. The UE BOOM comes in multiple colours, the main colours being white, blue, black and red, however, other colours can also be purchased. Check out more colours avaiable here. The majority of the cylindrical surface of the speaker is covered in a rough fabric, which is covered in a plasma coating that makes the product stain and water resistant. This means it is ideal for outdoor trips and adventures.

Beats Pill

The Beats Pill is a small cylindrical four-speaker sound system that comes in a pill shape which is 19cm in length and 4.5cm tall. Along with the UE BOOM it is also available in white, blue, black and red. There are also a few other colours available on the Amazon website, you can check them out here. It’s small enough to fit in your hand, and can easily fit into your bag or whatever you are carrying out the door. Despite its size, it produces powerful sound. It has a 7 hour rechargeable battery life, and takes roughly 3 and a half hours to recharge. This speaker can also be paired to any bluetooth enabled device, and if your smartphone is running low on battery, this speaker has the ability to recharge it.

Similarities and Differences

These two speakers are often considered threats to each other as they are very similar products. They are both small, light, bluetooth wireless speakers with great sound and bass. Both the UE BOOM and Beats Pill speaker can be paired up and synced to a second speaker of the same type for improved sound. From a dead battery these two speakers take roughly the same amount of time to charge (3 and a half hours).

Although these two products are very similar, they have multiple differences that set them apart and make them unique. The UE enables you to change songs, adjust volume and take calls from up to 50ft away, while the Beats Pill only has a 30ft connection. The Pill has a reverse charging feature, which means you can plug in a charger via a USB-A Port to charge a mobile device. On Amazon, the prices for the UE BOOM speaker vary from around $125 – 200, while the Pill speaker is slightly pricier at $160 – 250. While the Beats Pill can last for up to 7 hours, the UE BOOM’s battery can last almost twice as long as this speaker.

UE BOOM vs Beats Pill

In summarisation, both these speakers are very practical and are suitable for anyone. If you were to purchase one of these speakers I would highly recommend the UE BOOM, although the Beats Pill also has many great reviews. Personally, I use the UE BOOM and think it is a great speaker and I use it all the time. The sound is great, and it’s battery life lasts a very long time even though it doesn’t take long to charge. With its versatile shape, water resistant coating, and the cheaper price, I believe this speaker is your money well spent.


To read more reviews on Amazon on the UE BOOM <<Click Here>>. For reviews on the Beats Pill speaker <<Click Here>>.

Plantronics GameCom 788 review.

Plantronics GameCom 780/788 review

The Plantronics GameCom 788 is a very comfortable headset with a small but good quality microphone. They can be very loud so make sure that the game/video/music you are playing is on a suitable volume. This review will explain some reasons why as to choose this product over the competitors.

Why is this headset better than their competitors?

I believe this headset is much better than competitors such as Razer or Turtle Beach. Razer tends to break faster than Plantronics, while Turtle Beach lacks quality. All of my experiences with Turtle Beach has been full of problems. From quality to the headset losing connection to the device I was using. The Plantronics 788 also comes with built-in Dolby® 7.1 surround sound. In addition to the surround sound the headset comes with a volume wheel, microphone mute switch, and a button to toggle the surround sound. Turtle Beach uses annoying, clunky boxes half-way down the headset chord for that. Plantronics, however, place them on the back of the left headphone, also where the microphone is located. A lot of Razer’s headsets have either underachieving hardware, comfort-ability problems, or are over priced. You can grab the Plantronics GameCom 788 for $60-$80 depending on where you are buying it.

How well does the headset perform?

This headset performs exceptionally. As long as you have a sound card that supports USB headsets you can get years of use out of these headphones with minimal wear if treated correctly. The headset itself is made with sturdy black plastic and very comfortable, soft, fitting felt with soft padding inside. The microphone has a very basic up and down adjustable microphone with noise cancellation built into the end of the microphone. It’s Dolby® software that downloads upon connecting the headset with the PC you are using allows for many different sound options, different bass levels, treble and all those neat features. It also has predetermined settings for movies, music, or games.

Where can I buy the Plantronics GameCom 788?

You can get most, if not all, Plantronics headsets/headphones at these trusted retailers:

(Retailers provided by Plantronics)

In Conclusion

In conclusion the Plantronics GameCom 788 is your ultimate choice in affordable, quality gaming headsets! It is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, has very good sound quality, has good mic quality, and is an over-all good choice of headset for under $100. I do own one of these headsets so I’m speaking from experience (I am listening to music whilst writing this) when I say that this headset delivers quality over price.



Walkera Furious 320 Review

Walkera Furious 320 

The Walkera Furious 320 is a racing done capable of reaching speeds over 120km/h or 74mph built for speed and precision. the drone also features a  HD camera to watch your flying skills wether they be good or bad you can watch in the after action of the flight on your computer where you can also set the parameters for your drone.


The drone is built to look sleek while also be practical during flight. the design allows the drone to be visually appealing while in flight the design also allows the rotors to have ample room while remaining sleek for inclosed spaces and stunts.


The drone is capable of delivering high resolution video in 1080pixels while you can stream directly to your remote controller if the control has one built in to allow you to see the of your skill (or lack of said skill) while you race or play shooter or just fly around imagining that you are a pod racer or the worlds best drone racer all the while streaming or recording while you fly your pint sized mass of awesomeness. The drone also features a GPS system so if a you happen to crash or the drone goes where you cannot see it you will have coordinates such as 33.842823, 7.779038 will show up on the computer it is connected with and then you could put them into your android or Iphone and go and fetch your drone.

The Pros and Cons


carbon fibre frame: This means that the drone drone will be strong enough to survive a few crashes and scratches while remaining in good condition so you wont have to buy new pieces continually.

1080p camera : The camera can be used for a wide range of activities such as filming and using your drone to use various programs.

GPS system: The drone has an in born GPS tracker due to the fact that you may lose sight of your drone this handy addition o the drone makes it so it is hard to lose.


Battery life: The battery life would be the most limiting factor because drones usually have a life of 10-12 minutes which is little time for the long charge times most drones take to charge.

Charge times: Most remote control drones and remote control toy vehicles usually take long amounts of time to charge which is up wards of 1-3 hours depending on vehicle.

Cost: The walkera furious 320 cost a fair bit of money ranging from $550 to $600 on the official website and $600 to $700 on amazon this means you have to fork over a bit of money to get your drone.

Battery bag: Some drones come with an explosion proof bag for some reason? this would be slightly disconcerting for people who want to buy the drone.

The Conclusion

The Walkera Furious 320 is a drone that is as much as a racing done as is a fun hobby drone to mess around with. Though if you want the drone purely for fun I would recommend cheaper plastic drones with smaller cameras as they are usually cheaper but if you are looking for a fast racing drone or a stunt drone then the drone would be suited for your needs and your amusement.


Fitbit Flex Vs Jawbone UP3

Fitbits have taken over the world, becoming the newest stylish way to get fit. Being released May 2013, over the years there has been new competition coming to the field, the main competitor being the Jawbone UP3. So what makes the Fitbit Flex better? It’s time to decide – Fitbit Flex Vs Jawbone Up3


Fitbit Flex

When it comes to the Fitbit flex there are a few pros and cons that you need to know before deciding whether or not it’s for you.

The Fitbit Flex costs $70 – $100 but is definitely worth it. It comes with a tracker that records your steps, distance, calories burned and even actives minutes. A monitor that tracks how long/ well you sleep, an alarm that wakes you (and only you) with a silent wake alarm and it also comes with LED lights to show how your day is lining up against your goals. The Fitbit Flex is comfortable, slim and super easy to wear coming in a variety of colours (black, slate, tangerine, blue, pink, red and teal) and both large and small wristbands are available and include an interchangeable clasp.

Now here are a few extra pros and cons.


  • Water-resistant.
  • Can be worn all the time.
  • Charge lasts for days.
  • Good computer/web interface.


  • Somewhat unattractive.
  • Accuracy is average.
  • Lack of compatibility with certain Android devices.
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Jawbone UP3

Now it’s time to look at the pros and cons of the Jawbone UP3.

Now the Jawbone UP3 is between $90 – $180 depending on the time of purchase or where you buy it. The Jawbone UP3 comes with a heart health tracker that monitors throughout the day which comes in handy with it’s 7 day battery life as well as the wireless syncing. With this item you can get personalized guidance from ‘Smartcoach’, automatic advanced sleep tracking to capture REM, light and deep and also a ‘Smart Alarm’ that silently wakes you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle. To add to the many additions of the Jawbone UP3 it also comes in a variety of colours and patterns. The twist pattern comes in black, indigo and sand and the cross pattern comes in ruby, silver, teal and twilight (which is an amazon exclusive).

And if that isn’t enough here are a few extra pros and cons to help decide whether or not it’s for you.


  • Elegant design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Advanced sleep and movement tracking
  • Battery life lasts a week


  • New features like heart-rate monitoring aren’t that useful
  • Expensive for what you get
  • Still no built-in display
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 Similarities and Differences

Both the Fitbit Flex and the Jawbone UP3 have their differences but they are quite similar in some aspects. These two items have a battery life that last for days, advanced sleep tracking as well as an alarm that is able to silently wake you without disturbing anyone around you. They also come in a variety of colours to match with different outfits or even your jewellery.

But the differences truly help you to decide which is better. One of the major differences would be the price, with the Fitbit Flex costing around $70 – $100 where as the Jawbone UP3 ranges from $90 – $180.  Price isn’t the only difference though, with the Fitbit Flex able to monitor your steps, distance, calories burned and even actives minutes as well as a monitor that tracks how long/ well you sleep, where as the Jawbone UP3 only has a heart health tracker that monitors throughout the day.


The final verdict – Fitbit Flex Vs Jawbone UP3

In conclusion I believe that the winner is the Fitbit Flex! Between the two, the Fitbit Flex is more practical tracking your movements throughout the day, LED lights which show you how your day is lining up against your goals and in general I believe that it has a much more elegant, comfortable and simple design.


If you agree with me that the Fitbit Flex is better, or if you believe that the Jawbone UP3 is better then leave a comment down below and share your thoughts!