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iPhone 7 – Apple

Apple iPhone 7

Apple has produced the best smart phone yet. The brand new iPhone 7 has stepped the game up, leaving the other companies to catch up. Apple have dramatically increased there camera abilities, shape/size, Display screen, battery life, splash proof and the audio. Apple has produced an easier way to use technology for everyone, the phone is suited for all ages.


iPhone is the most popular camera in the world! Too improve the low light images and videos, apple has increases the aperture  to ƒ/1.8 including a six-element lens. iPhone 7 has also improved faster focus and flash. he flash on the iPhone 7 has a 50% brighter then the iPhone 6s! The camera comes with special abilities like 4k videos and photos, slow motion, time lapse and optical image stabilisation.


Apple says “For the first time, iPhone comes with stereo speakers, delivering twice the audio output of iPhone 6s and increased dynamic range. So whether you’re listening to music, watching videos or making speakerphone calls, iPhone 7 lets you crank it up. Way, way up.”

Battery and Chip:

Apple has inserted the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone. The chip isn’t just faster but also more efficient, Apple have made the iPhone 7 chip (A10 Fusion) to the best performance and double the battery life to a iPhone 6. A10 Fusion chip, the iPhone A10 allows 3x faster Graphics speed then the iPhone 6.

Splash Proof:

Apple have allowed the new iPhone to be able to survive 30min under water (1m). This has been apple’s first phone for water resistant, recording videos under water has become 100x easier! So with the new splash proof comes with dust proof as well, saving workers in the dust and water splashes/spills when your washing up dinner!


DJI Phantom 4 Pro Review

Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Has stepped up the game in drones in 2016 bring out the latest Phantom 4 Pro. Whether you want a drone for just having fun or using it to film clips and videos this drone is suited for everyone.


With the camera being a 1-inch 20 megapixel sensors used to produce the best and outstanding videos and photos you need. More powerful video processing supports 4k videos at 60fps and also 30fps with a 100bps bitrate. DJI says “Advanced sensors and processors ensure everything is captured with more image detail and the image data needed for advanced post-production”.


The new infrared 5-direction of Obstacle sensors and 4-direction of obstacle avoidance. The Phantom 4 Pro has infrared sensor systems on the left and right of the drone addition to the infrared sensors system there are high-resolution stereo vision sensors placed at the rear and front. With these attachments, flying the drone increases your confidence as a pilot.

Distance and Return-Home:

The new Phantom 4 Pro allows you to fly up to 7km away, but when in trouble the drone has installed a return-home. The Return-home system has been upgraded allowing it to automatically find the best route home depending on the environment conditions. When landing the Phantom 4 Pro will examine the ground and whether it is suitable spot to land, if the drone has detected water or an obstacle it will alert the pilot and hover at an appropriate height, helping the drone land safety.

Flight Modes:

The three main modes on the drone are Altitude Mode, Sports Mode, and Positional Mode. Altitude mode is for experienced pilots, altitude mode does not have GPS attached so it will blow in the wind. Sports Mode has the ability to fly high speeds which is an amazing feature for reaching a destination or follow a motorised vehicle, bonus to the sports mode it has GPS. Positional mode, this is the main mode to learn on. Positional Mode is the best feature for recording footage and learning to fly.




HTC vive VS Oculus Touch

The Oculus touch, It is a very comfortable controllers easy to hold but i think they saw how much the htc vive sold so they wanted to make the same thing but for less the money because they sold it for less money that means it won’t be as good as the htc vive controllers these controllers are very good but if you want to play a really fast games the controllers can sometimes slip up.


The htc vive, Yes it does cost a lot, Yes you do need a good pc to run it but when you get everything you need the games runs so well with almost no lag, But the coord is very annoying you need to buy this thing for your roof to make it so you don’t trip over the cords i don’t know why they just don’t make it com with that.


The Oculus touch, They basically copied the htc vive but it is the best choice for sitting down gameplay because it supports it better, the htc vive does do the same but it is not as good as the Oculus, One of the best things the htc vive cn do it can know where the edge of your room is so you don’t run into a wall in the game.

The fit for the htc vive is Adjustable headset strap, fits most glasses, 2 eye relief adjustments: lens distance from eye & interpupillary distance. The fit for Oculus Touch, Fits glasses, interpupillary distance adjustment


The thing is you can use the htc vive with steam so it’s super easy to find games to play on there but on the oculus you can’t use, lots of games on steam have htc vive compatibility so some game you have already bought you could play. (and for all the minecraft fans out there) you can also play minecraft on the htc vive and play with people who are playing on a computer


The htc vive has motion sensing because you put these little cameras around your room so it can know where you are better than just using the motion sceneing it can also tell you if you are close to a wall it can see the walls up to 5m long you could be in a room what is 5x5x5 and it could still tell you where the walls are just from one camera but if your room is bigger you can buy more than 1 of them to make the area bigger


If you want to take the htc vive to a friends it is very hard to get it all unplugged and pack it all up the it does not come with a box to take it around with you you will have to buy a box from amazon or make one yourself. With the oculus it comes with a case you can easy pack up and take out there are not many cords for it so easy mobility.


If you are planing to buy on of these and you have never tried vr  you should buy the htc vive the experience is way better slow to set up but much more smooth. Htc vive has to be the best vr out there because of it great controllers smooth game play, and you computer does not have to be a $5000 dollar computer you can buy sets what come with the computer so i think you should buy the htc vive.

The Cowin E-7 Review

The Cowin E-7 is the top selling over ear headphones on amazon, it has one of the best specs I have ever seen. The price for the Cowin E-7 is a bargain for the quality of the headphones. The Cowin E-7 has amazing audio with accessible noise cancelling so you can turn it off or on if you want to listen to people at the same time.

If you want to buy these headphones I recommend that you do. Because the Cowin E-7 has best audio I have ever heard and it is also has very confortable op part for your head so you head does not get sore with that other hardtops what will hurt you head, The Cowin E-7 has adjustable sides so you can changing it to you size so and one can use it if you are a little kid at the age of 8 you can use these to because you can change the sie super easy you just pull the side or push it.


These headphones are not battery operated they use a usb to micro usb port to charge, you do not have to use the one we give to you if you have a android phone you can use the charger you use for that one. There is a on board mic for picking up calls or whatever you need for these head phones


These headphones at full charge can last for 30 hours of bluetooth so you don’t have to worry about the power you can just charge it overnight and never run out of power if you don’t charge it and if it runs out of power you can use the aux 2.5mm cable you put into the head phones.


These headphones are for people who hate hearing that crying baby in a plane or a person who is going for a run and does not want cords all over the and tripping over them. Because these headphones are wireless they are super easy to use a pack up so you don’t need to keep some long wires around to annoy you by getting tangled up and you waste time untieing it.
The Cowin E-7 is one of the best headphones i have ever seen i have not used these headphones but judging by the reviews it looks really good and also one more point, It is the top rating over-ear headphones on Amazon so i think there very good and they are damn cheap for how good the headphones are it sells for 70$ but it is on a 30% sale at the moment, so i think you should buy these headphones because, it is cheap, the quality is great, they are portable, no cords (only for charging and if your phone does not support bluetooth), 30 hours of music and it is the top selling on over-ear headphones.

Beats Solo 3 vs Bose Quietcomfort 35

The Beats Solo 3 are very popular headphones which; though popular, have been criticized by many audiophiles and headphone lovers around the world. The Bose QuietComfort 35 is not as popular with the general public though maintains a great reputation with audio enthusiasts and has been praised by many. These headphones are both similar in price, but which is really the top dog?

To kick things off, I have created this quick reference table of each of the criteria that are discussed in the article. If you want to know the specific details of each criteria, feel free to read on. Make sure you click the images to read real customer reviews from amazon.

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Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling - Silver

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Silver
BLUETOOTHFast Bluetooth Connection

Very Fast Bluetooth Connection
BATTERY20 Hours Non-Stop

40 Hours Non-Stop
SOUND QUALITYExceptional Noise Cancellation
Exceptional noise pattern with a great mix of Bass, mid and high
The Bluetooth can sometimes give a little bit of fuzz
Very Good Noise Cancellation
Loads of Bass
little but muddy in the mids and highs

(somewhat subjective)
Standard looking (Bulky)
Quite comfortable
2 Color options

Very Stylish
Very Comfortable
Replaceable Ear Cup Material
5 Color options

Wireless Capability Comparison

The Beats Solo 3 has an exceptional bluetooth connection and is able to connect to devices very quickly. The length you can reach without the bluetooth cutting out is 10+ metres, no matter if you’re listening to music or on a call. The bluetooth connects to apple products instantly and will connect to other devices (samsung, microsoft, etc) very quickly after setting up the bluetooth. The Bose bluetooth is good as well and connects quickly but not as quick as beats. It can not also stay connected as far as beats can.

Battery life

The beats solo 3 has hands down the best battery life of all headphones today. It can last for 40 hours of nonstop listening and 5 minutes of charging equals to 3 hours of listening time. The battery life is so good, you won’t even think about charging it for a long while. Bose has great battery life as well but only half of what the beats are capable of. Bose Quietcomfort 35 has 20 hours of battery life and is able to last pretty long without charging. A 15 minute charge equals to 2.5 hours of listening time. The beats definitely tops the battery life but the Bose still has great battery life nevertheless.

Sound Quality Comparison

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Silver

The beats solo 3 sound is great if you enjoy a lot of bass and drops instead of clear mids and highs. The sound is very good with the Bluetooth and blocks out most outside sound from the padding. It also blocks the sound from getting out.

Because Beats works very closely with apple these days they have adopted the terminology of ANC which stands for Adaptive Noise Cancellation. A technology that is quite similar to the Bose offering.

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling – Silver (QC35)

The Bose headphones easily have the best noise cancellation of most headphones on the market. It uses an opposing signal to cancel out the outside signals so that you can hear your music very clearly.

It also uses its big padding to silence noise and reject noise from escaping. The Bose’s Bluetooth noise doesn’t always sound that great and can get a little fuzzy but can sound great on certain songs.

When taking calls the beats has a built-in mic which when talking, sounds great to the receiver and also the person talking to you sounds good as well. The Bose has an outside and built-in mic which is great for calls because it also cancels outside noise meaning that you can hear each other very clearly.

Style and comfort Comparison

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Silver

The beats solo 3 is one of the best-looking headphones out there, and in my opinion looks way more stylish than the Bose headphones. Beats have a smooth and stylish look all around.

The headphones come in many colors, including:

  • Gloss white,
  • gloss black,
  • gold,
  • rose gold
  • many more colors

On the side of the headphones where the beats sign is placed, there are built-in buttons which you can use to control music and calls. The comfort of the headphones are very good and don’t strain your ears or head. You can also adjust the headphones for your head and they are quite flexible considering the fragile hinges on the sides.

The ear cup material is also very comfortable and is replaceable for when it wears out. The headphones also fold up and fit into its case to make it really compact and convenient.

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling – Silver (QC35)

Bose has a more bulky and rough look. The headphones come in two colors:

  • black
  • silver

On the side of the Bose QuietComfort 35, there are two buttons which control the volume and the multi-function button which plays, skips, fast forwards and answers calls, plus more. The Bose are comfortable but like most ear cup headphones they tend to strain your ears over time. They are also quite flexible and can bend to fit on pretty much anyone’s head.

Bose is also quite heavy but the ear cup material is very durable and also comfortable. The Bose headphones also fold up and fit into its own respectable case but are still large to carry around.


The beats have great features and extras which come with it, while Bose not so much. Within the box you get the stylish case for the headphones which is black with the beats logo in the middle, the charging cord, the cord unless you run out of battery in the wireless, a clip which can be used to attach to the case and then attach to your bag or something else. You also get the manual and a transparent/red beats sticker. These extras serve as a great surprise and are great accessories to use with your beats solo and other things. Bose comes with a cool case which is large and black with the name imprinted on it. The headphones also come with the charging cord, non wireless cord and an airplane mode adaptor.


Overall, both headphones are clearly a bit overpriced, at a large $400 price range. Making some headphones can be as low as $14, and the most expensive pair of beats cost $200 to produce. The beats are great just for casual listening and they last extremely long, considering how cheap they are to make.

The Bose are awesome headphones as well and have the best noise canceling out there. So which one takes the top? It really is just your personal preference. If you’re looking for some stylish and long lasting headphones with great bass go with beats. But if you are looking for some cool headphones with great noise canceling and clear highs then go with Bose.

On that note, get on Amazon now and get yourself some great headphones!

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Silver


Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling – Silver (QC35)

Beats Solo 3 Review

The Beats Solo 3

Beats by dre produce some of the best headphones out there competing with the likes of bose and sennheiser; and the beats solo 3 are one of the most, if not most popular headphones made so far. These $400 dollar headphones have many great features but does the quality match the price?

Wireless capability

The beats solo 3 are priced as a premium product but you wouldn’t know by handling them. The difference between the beats solo 3 and other headphones is that it contains the new apple w1 chip which controls its wireless capability. If you use an apple product the headphones should instantly connect and should connect to any other product after setting the bluetooth up. This is great for quick and easy pairing to your device. The headphones can also stay connected from long distances (at least 10+ metres) which is another great advantage of the wireless. The headphones will also remember apple products through your apple id which makes it even quicker for pairing to your devices. The downside of the wireless in my own experience is that it sometimes doesn’t connect as well to some laptops or other devices and i had to plug the cord in for better listening.

Battery life

The greatest and most popular feature of the headphones is its battery life. The battery can last up to 40 hours of listening time and 5 minutes of charging is equal to 3 hours of listening. The beats solo 3 have easily the best battery life of headphones out there and you won’t have to charge them for a while. If you do somehow outlast the battery life, the headphones come with a cord alternative which sounds great, if not better than the wireless.

The listening and sound

The sound which the headphones produce are upbeat and tinny and are great for listening to if you are into music with a lot of bass and drops. If you are into clearer mids and highs then these headphones aren’t as great. The sound is great when listening in public as the padding blocks out the noise of the headphones and also the noise of outside sources which is good for silent listening. When taking calls the mic is good as well, you can hear people great and they can hear you great as well no matter where your phone is placed.

Style and comfort

Another popular reason people buy the solo 3 are because of the stylish look and design of the product and the convenience. The headphones have a sleek and smooth look all around and even the case looks cool. The headphones come in many colours, including: Gloss white, gloss black, gold, rose gold and many more colours. The headphones also have two beats signs on the side and the beats name on the top. On the side of the headphones where the beats sign is placed, their are built in buttons which you can use to control music and calls. By pressing the middle button once it pauses music or answers/ends a call, two simultaneous presses skip a song and the buttons next to the mid button increases or reduces the volume. You can also increase the volume with the device you are using. The comfort of the headphones are very good and don’t strain your ears or head, on a regular basis i wear them for at least an hour during each session and they feel comfortable the whole time. A disadvantage with the ear pads is that the material they are made of is quite soft and may wear out after a while. You can also adjust the headphones for your head and they are quite flexible considering the fragile hinges on the sides.


A great feature of the beats solo 3 is how convenient they are, you can fold them and take them with you wherever you go by placing them in the case, which comes with the box. A special touch that beats has made about the beats solo 3 are the extras which come along with the box. Within the box you get the stylish case for the headphones which is black with the beats logo in the middle, the charging cord, the cord unless you run out of battery in the wireless, a clip which can be used to attach to the case and then attach to your bag or something else. You also get the manual and a transparent/red beats sticker. These extras serve as a great surprise and are great accessories to use with your beats solo and other things.


Overall, the beats solo 3 are a great set of headphones but unfortunately the quality doesn’t match the $400 price. The reason they are so expensive is mostly because of marketing and advertisement on behalf of apple, and when you look at the shocking truth of how cheap it is to actually create the headphones (some say as low as $14), you might as well be better of with something like the Bose Quietcomfort 35 or Sennheiser momentum 2.0 or even the Beats Studio, even though they may not be as small or convenient. The beats aren’t great quality but are still a great pair of headphones, and if you have $400 laying around then, i would recommend you go buy some and try them out for yourself.


iPhone 5c Review

The iPhone 5c is an older iPhone model, that has a colorful body and good screen quality. It’s perfect for people looking for a phone that’s easy to use, nice to hold and look at. It’s one of the most affordable iPhones, and it’s easy to use, so this phone works best for younger people.


The iPhone 5c’s best features are its 8-megapixel camera, smooth OS, build quality and excellent screen. It also has a plastic body and is easier to hold and less likely to break if it’s dropped. The iPhone 5c is great for the average person, it’s easy to use and doesn’t have a lot of added features to make it a complicated or technical phone. It’s also cheaper than most iPhones, so loyal Apple customers might enjoy the 5c.


The iPhone 5c isn’t a huge upgrade from the other iPhone 5’s. The colorful plastic can be annoying for some people, and the 8 GB storage can be small for power-users who like downloading a lot of apps. However, it makes up for its small storage with its long battery life and smooth OS.


The iPhone 5c has a great camera and OS that makes life easier for the average person. It’s not overly technical, there aren’t many added features compared to other models. It works best for taking photo’s and using it as communication for work and travel. Depending on how much storage you need in a phone, this may or may not be the phone for you.

Samsung Galaxy S5

If you need a reliable phone that’s affordable, easy to use and gets through everyday life, then this is the phone for you. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is an older Samsung model but still competes well with later phone model due to its camera, touchscreen, and touchscreen.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 top features are its 16 Megapixel camera, excellent battery life, 16GB Memory, 5.1 inch Super AMOLED Touchscreen and Personalisation. The S5 also has a fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor like newer models. The S5 has personalisation such as touch sensitivity, one hand mode, ultra power saving mode, and download booster which can be useful while traveling. The S5 is affordable and well suits work and travel.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is more suitable for everyday needs, and has better performance without installing any other apps or games, as this will drain battery life and storage. Its special features are also known to be slightly less effective than newer models. If you’re a power-user, and often use all of the features and data, and enjoy using a phone for social media then this probably isn’t the phone for you.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is definitely a capable, reliable and affordable phone. However, you can’t push its limits, downloading an excessive amount of apps drains the phone and lowers its performance. The S5 is a bit large but makes up with the one-handed mode, which makes it easier to use in one hand by shrinking the display and leaning it to your preferred hand. Its camera, touch screen, battery life, and personalisation makes the Samsung Galaxy S5 perfect for work and travel.

NES classic edition review

The NES classic edition has a great new feature, Saving any game at any time! The console looks very polished and the outer design looks accurate to the original console. The following games are in alphabetical order and i will be doing a quick critical summary on each one and giving a score out of ten:

  • Balloon fight – 7/10 – Fun for quite a while, the controls are decent but i find many deaths and design choices to be cheap.
  • Bubble Bobble – 8/10 – Great arcade action with a buddy! Graphically lacking but it makes up with great 2-player action!
  • Castlevania – 9/10 – One of the greatest platformers on the system. Hard, awesome and incredibly rewarding!
  • Castlevania II – 3/10 – This mediocre sequel ruins the great original by having cryptic poorly translated dialogue and a map so samey and bland that you will give up in 20 minutes.
  • Donkey Kong – 8/10 – Its.. Its.. Donkey Kong! you know, jump barrels, climb ladders and have a good time.
  • Donkey Kong Jr. – 9/10 – Improves on it’s original in it’s level design and controls. It’s longer too!
  • Double Dragon II – 8/10 – 2-player arcade beat-em-up action! it’s held up very well and is still a game worth checking out if you’re interested in beat-em-ups.
  • Dr. Mario – 4/10 – Puzzle game… some like it, i don’t.
  • Excite Bike – 7/10 – Good, addictive biking action with the ability to make your own tracks! cool!
  • Final Fantasy – 5/10 – Paved the way for the popularity of JRPGs in future… Tropes, poor design and all.
  • Galaga – 9/10 – Good as, if not, better than Bubble Bobble. Blasting enemies in the ‘remix’ of space invaders is now in HD!
  • Ghosts n’ Goblins – 2/10 – Poor controls, single digit frame-rate, irritating music and sound effects as well as an insane difficulty keep this one from showing it’s qualities, if it had any.
  • Gradius – 7/10 – Scrolling space shooter featuring 8 levels of enemy ships, easter island statues and bullets… LOTS of bullets. Disappointed they chose this over Life Force though.
  • Ice Climber – 4/10 – Good level design, nice graphics and 2-player co-op is ruined by stiff controls, shame.
  • Legend of Zelda, The – 8/10 – The landmark adventure game, exploration, sword duels and a world that envelopes you completely overshadows the age of some mechanics, bring a guide!
  • Kirby’s Adventure – 10/10 – Platforming masterpiece, one of the greatest. Insane graphics, beautiful colours, fantastic music, 30 unique power-ups, tons of well-hidden secrets and huge sprites, best game on the system.
  • Kid icarus – 8/10 – You may find this game to be hideously simplistic. But there are so many complicated mechanics, item management and secret weapons to uncover. Not obtuse or poorly translated but difficult enough to figure out on your own. Pit’s control could use a bit of work though.
  • Mario bros. – 8/10 – Yeah! it’s S?u?p?e?r? Mario bros. (The one nobody remembers!) Surprisingly fun, revolutionary for it’s day and entertaining now. I’m only disappointed they chose this over the Europe only remake.
  • Mega Man 2 – 9/10 – It’s Mega Man 2! the one that got me and many others encapsulated in the awesome platforming, multiple paths and great music. Only slightly hampered by it’s punishing “continue” system.
  • Metroid – 5/10 – While it’s just as atmospheric crawling way through the huge alien labyrinth with only your wits (and a piece of map paper). Navigation, controls and some incredibly cryptic BS “secrets” stop this one from being a truly great game.
  • Ninja Gaiden – 9/10 – One word, HARD and brilliant. Similar to Castlevania in many respects but it’s unique cutscene-focused premise keeps this game interesting. Graphics are great and it’s so rewarding to beat!
  • Pac-man – 8/10 – Gobble dots, eat ghosts and score points. Every one and their goldfish has played this and it’s just as brilliant a premise as it was in 1983.
  • Punch-Out!!! – 8/10 – Huge sprites, hilarious dialogue and some truly cool opponents, Punch-out!!! won critics over with it’s addictive gameplay and Rocky inspired theme.
  • Super C – 9/10 – Fun, Awesome 2-player action at it’s finest. While many are disappointed that this box didn’t come with Contra instead, Super C improves by adding more, longer and far more detailed levels than it’s predecessor.
  • Super Mario Bros. – 8/10 – Yeah! it’s Super Mario bros.! addictive, lovingly designed levels and well hidden secrets (as well as exploits) have been meticulously designed to introduce gamers to their basic platforming experience.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 – 8/10 – It’s Weird, wonderful and better-controlling sequel! This one offers much more than the first. There’s new additions too, like multiple characters and actual boss fights!
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 – 10/10 – Gorgeous graphics, Superb level design and some truly fantastic power-ups for you to play around with. Second best game on the system, next to Kirby’s Adventure.
  • StarTropics – 9/10 – It’s like Legend of Zelda but with a longer playtime, better graphics and has aged far, far better.
  • Tecmo Bowl – 6/10 – Eh, a sports game. Very disappointed that Nintendo didn’t renew the licenses to the real footballers like the NES original. Graphics are okay and gameplay is entertaining.
  • Zelda II – 9/10 – What happens when you take Legend of Zelda, throw twice the difficulty and half the obscurity in with it? A even more immersing world than the first. With unique side-scrolling gameplay that makes fights far more interesting than the first. Be warned: It’s hard!

The NES classic edition is a console with 30 decent to great games and i recommend that you buy one here: Buy The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition


PlayStation VR Vs HTC Vive

Do you want to use the best virtual reality out there? Are you having trouble deciding what to purchase? Well, I’m going to be comparing 2 of the newest and most popular VR headsets money can buy – The HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

When we’re talking virtual reality there are a lot of different things that you need to consider.

Which one is more immersive?

The most important feature of virtual reality is the realism and immersiveness. This can be affected by graphics, frame rate, the field of view, movement and controllers.

Let’s start by looking at graphics. Both the Vive and PSVR have OLED screens, but the Vive has a higher resolution at 2160 x 1200 (1080 x 1200 for each eye), compared to the PSVR’s 1920 x 1080 (960 x 1080 for each eye). This means that the Vive can support clearer graphics, making it more realistic.

The next point of importance is frame rate. There is nothing less immersive than unsmooth frame rate. Both the Vive and PSVR have a refresh rate of 90Hz. THIs means that they can both support a frame rate of 90, which is more than enough to run a smooth game. The PlayStation VR can also be used in cinematic mode, in which you play a non-VR game on a virtual screen. Cinematic mode runs at 120Hz.

One more important feature of VR is the field of view, or how wide your view is. The PSVR has a field of view of 100 degrees, and the Vive has 110 degrees. This means that you can see more of you surroundings without turning your head on the Vive.

What about motion tracking?

Both the Vive and PlayStation VR use motion tracking, but which one does it better? Well, the Vive has a tracking area of 15×15 feet (4.6×4.6m), which is plenty to cover most rooms, and movement based games will allow you to teleport or walk using the controllers. The PSVR has a tracking area of 10×6 feet (3×1.9m), from the PlayStation Camera. Both the Vive and PSVR have sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, but both have some that the other doesn’t, the Vive with front facing cameras and a lighthouse tracking system and the PSVR with a magnetometer and the PlayStation Eye tracking system.

And finally, one of the most important parts of any gaming system – The controller. The Vive and PSVR can both be used with gamepads or motion controllers. The gamepads are for games where you can just sit down and look around with your head, and do everything else with the controller. The PSVR has cinematic mode designed for this, but if you have a wired controller you will need to rearrange some furniture to sit within range of the Playstation Camera. The motion controllers are the important ones, though. The Vive uses its own Vive controller with buttons, sensors and a trackpad for the most realistic VR hand movements possible. The PSVR doesn’t have it’s own VR specific controller, but you use PlayStation Move. The Move controllers were not originally designed for VR, as they were released in 2010 for the PS3, but they are still recommended for a realistic VR experience.



The PlayStation VR costs $400, and the HTC Vive costs $800. Most of the specs on the Vive and PSVR are similar enough that it won’t matter to the average gamer, but the Vive is technically better in most respects, which is expected at the higher price. The PSVR also requires the PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move, PS Camera being $40 and Move controllers being $100 for a twin pack. You will also need a PS4. This brings the total price of PSVR from scratch to $790, just shy of the Vive base price. To buy a Vive and a PC to run it on you will need somewhere between $1000 and $1200

So which one do I buy?

Because the HTC Vive specs are better than the PlayStation VR, it comes at a higher price, making the important factor in this decision console preference, PS4 or PC. If you only own only one of those I would naturally recommend buying the corresponding VR. If you own both a PC and a PS4 and do not own a PlayStation Camera or PlayStation Move, I would recommend purchasing the Vive. Most computers can run the Vive (you can run a check on their website), but a lot of the games you would play on it require above-average specs, so only buy the Vive if you can run the games. If you own both a PC and PS4 with PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move, you should buy PSVR. It will cost you much less money than a Vive and you have everything you need to use it.