Asus GTX 770 DC2OC

Asus GTX 770

Asus GTX 770 (Full name: Asus GTX 770-DC2OC-2GD5 The GTX 770)has been only been on the market for a few months. I have just recently purchased the GTX 770 myself and I am impressed! The GTX 770 belongs to the top tier or high end class graphics card, even though it is the only card in its class with a GK104 chip (commonly used by mainstream cards), unlike the 780, 780 Ti and Titan that are all based on GK110 chips. The GTX 770 can play modern day games, no doubt about that. I am able to play Battle Field 4, Team Fortress 2, Titan Fall on very high to ultra settings, with 60-100 fps. This of course also depends on the other components of your computer. Regardless, the GTX 770 is well worth considering purchasing given its current price. It is cheaper than other brands on the market. It certainly packs a punch for its price. The GTX performs amazingly while playing games. The Fps on many of the big titles are great. Take battleField 3 for instance. This is a well known game and many people want to great graphics card that will run their favourite games on the highest resolution. And this card will do just that. The card will stay cool even when playing on ultra settings. The GTX has a great cooling system.

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Asus has been making graphics card for a very long time now and really know what they are doing when they come to making the card from what they use. Asus has been around since 1985.  Asus offers great piece on mind when it comes to warranty and Specifications.


Graphics Engine NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 770
Bus Standard PCI Express 3.0
Graphics Processor GK 104 (28nm)
Raster Operation Pipeline (ROP) 32
CUDA Core (Shaders) 1536
Transistors 3.54 Billion
Engine Clock CPU Boost Clock : 1110MHz CPU Base Clock : 1058MHz
Memory Size 2048MB GDDR5
Memory Clock 1750MHz(7010 MHz Effective)

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The Asus GTX 770 is a very powerful and efficient graphics card that is well known for its price to performance. The graphics card uses very little power is extremely quiet and extremely fast. If you are looking for a power yet cheap graphics card the GTX is write for you. Click here to go to the official Asus website 

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