Apollo Agb-36 Dirtbike Review

Apollo’s latest and greatest dirtbike, the Apollo Agb-36 is a full size dirt bike at a great price. If you are looking for a dirtbike to have a lot of fun on and enjoy riding, this is the bike for you.

The Apollo Agb-36 is the perfect bike for someone looking to have some fun. The Agb-36 is an air-cooled 4 stroke. This bike is designed primarily for trail riding and not for motocross. Its 8 litre fuel capacity allows you to enjoy your trail riding without having to worry about fuel consumption.


Many people have stated that the Apollo Agb-36 does not include detailed enough assembly instructions. Other problems that customers have had are as follows:

Top customer reviews stated that the Apollo Agb-36 “exceeded my expectations” and “great bike”.


  • Has the best of both worlds with kick and electric start.
  • Large 8 litre fuel tank
  • Is “as solid as cast iron” and durable bike.
  • Air cooling system is cheaper than running a liquid cooling system and reduces the complexity of your bike, therefore, making it easier to fix.
  • Good power


  • Lack of availability for parts
  • Carburateur issues and frequent adjustments.
  • The bike is only set up for trail riding not motocross
  • The bike is quite heavy
  • The Chain tensioner screw is not very durable and is easily bent, it is recommended to buy a screw of higher quality.
  • Many nuts and bolts need to be tightened regularly.
  • Very hard suspension
  • Leaks in fuel tank and popped tires have been known to occur frequently.

Overall, the Apollo Agb-36 is viewed as a affordable motorbike that guarantees some fun along the way. This amazing trail riding bike with its 8 litre fuel capacity allows you to enjoy your trail riding for as long as possible, at an effective cost.


Apollo Agb-36 250cc Specifications
Engine Type ZS167FMM Single Cylinder 4 Stroke
Cooling System Air Cooled
Displacement 229.20cc
Max Horsepower 11.5 KW/15.64HP
Max Torque 17.5 / 5500 N•m
Bore Stroke 67MM * 65 MM
Max Speed 115 KM/H  /   71.46 M/H
Starting System Kick and Electric Start
Battery 9A12V
Engine Oil 15W-40-SE
Clutch Manual Clutch
Transmission 5-speed Transmission
Fuel Capacity 8 Litre Fuel Tank
Weight Gross Weight: 272.8LBS/123.74        Net Weight: 259.6LBS/117.75
Max Load 440LBS/199.58KGS
Wheelbase 55.9”
Height to seat 36.6”
Minimum Ground Clearance 11”

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