Android Mini Figure Collection

If you are an avid android enthusiast like myself then you have probably heard of this or even own one yourself

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This is an Android Mini figure. This is a must have for many android fan and is a very nice prop for the back of a video. These have appeared numerous times and are quite easy to get your hands on. But where did they come from?

So to start of this inquiry I thought I had better get one for myself. So I got onto amazon and bought one. I went for one of the cheaper lower end ones. This is a gold mini figure and is one of the most common figures out and therefore goes for less. But these can range from $10-$150 and upwards. So as you can see there is a pretty avid fan base for something that is a glorified desk ornament.

The mini figures started in October 2010, when Andrew Bell thought of the idea. He then contacted some people at Google and was then able to begin producing these figures. There were 12 in the first set but continued to grow from there and there is now upwards of 4 series and continue to grow.

So another question is how come Google does not sell these mini figures directly? It was quite hard to tack down information about this but I believe that the reason Google doesn’t sell these directly is because an artist makes each one. So Google allows these artists to use the Android figure and logo and sort into collections but does not make money off the figures. Basically these are fan art with endorsement from Google. That’s why they are only sold through 3rd party websites such as amazon.

So as you can see these littlie figurines have quite a big history. They are a must have for any android fans and are a great ornament. If you would like to get one for yourself make sure you click that link below and pick one up

Google Android Mini Collectible Figures, Series 3, 1 Box, 16 Mini Figures

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