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This article is an iPad Case review that compares and talks about two similar iPad Cases found on Amazon and discusses which is the better one. I will be basing my iPad case review of the two products on the features and quality, pricing and styles criteria.

iPad Case Review – The Products

The first product in this iPad case review is the 360-Degree Rotating Stand iPad Case Smart Cover (for iPad models 2, 3 and 4. This cover rotates in a 360-degree motion, allowing for flexible control of your device to be viewed in either portrait or landscape, whilst tilted on an angle suited to your needs. The hard, dual-layer interior and premium synthetic leather exterior covers protect the device against scratches and cracks, giving a more secure feeling. This case also has a kickstand to relax the iPad on, which is convenient for when you want to type or relax back. The Snap-n-Roll design and elastic bands hold the device closed securely on the go. It’s a durable, secure and flexible iPad cover all in one! (Includes a FREE Screen protector and CINEYO Stylus Pen!)>>Click here to read reviews on<<


The second item is the Executive Leather Snugg Apple Smart Cover w/ Kickstand (for iPad Air 2013 models). This iPad case features an Auto Wake/Sleep Function (which puts your iPad to sleep and wakes it up for you), a built-in stand and an elastic hand strap. The case has precise cut-outs and openings for easy access to all of the ports and features of the device, which comes in handy. It also has a soft and protective premium nubuck fibre interior with built card slots and a secret pocket, allowing for compact storage of cards.

The Snugg Promise provides a perfect fit, with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, making this iPad Air Case a detailed one (Comes with a lifetime guarantee).

>>Click here to read reviews on<<


The 360-Degree Rotating Stand iPad Case Smart Cover is relatively cheap to purchase. Due to the compactibility, it’s definitely worth the money. The magnetic strap and rotating case make this iPad case flexible, so this is definitely worth your money.

The Executive Leather Snugg Apple Smart Cover w/ Kickstand is a little bit more expensive than that of the first iPad Case, but is just as high in value and serves similar purposes. The features of this iPad case, such as the magnetic strap and extra pockets definitely come in handy, so it would be worth your while with this case.

Overall, both products are reasonably inexpensive, but Product #1 is slightly cheaper. Both are comparable and both are great in value. They also have styles to suit your needs, so the product benefits both you and your iPad in numerous ways.


I found that the 360-Degree Rotating Stand iPad Case Smart Cover’s design makes it flexible and tough at the same time. The dual layer hard interior cover protects the plasma film of the device from scratches whilst the premium synthetic leather exterior cover and sturdy elastic band protects the cover itself from opening unexpectedly and creasing, making the cover a convenient folder, too. It also comes in an array of vibrant colours.

I found that the Executive Leather Snugg Apple Smart Cover’s design has easy access for ports and external features, like the charger and headphone ports. The cover also locks and unlocks the iPad automatically, which is handy when the manual buttons becomes a burden. This makes it a conveniently styled cover for use on the go. The colour range is quite nice, too. Lastly, the soft and protective premium nubuck fibre interior allows for card slots and a secret pocket for you daily travels. Altogether, this case is very compact and very handy for on-the-go travel (Includes lifetime guarantee).


For the first product, one person said, ‘…I needed a simple cover that afforded my iPad protection and … good service. My purchase was spot on…’ The customer was extremely happy that they bought it and it has served them well since.

Another person said, ‘This case…looks good and is quality made. The colour is beautiful…it sits up perfectly with the bendable stand…’ They are also extremely happy that they bought it and it seems the features are the most appealing side of the product for them.

For the second product, one person said, ‘…My iPad slipped…the glass is intact and it works perfectly. Not sure how many people are looking for a case that can survive … but if you are this one is for you!’ After this customer’s iPad fell between an elevator shaft into a basement, it was found to be safe thanks to this iPad Case! Since then, the customer is extremely satisfied with the purchase.

Another person said, ‘…This case has pockets on the inside as well as the hand strap which makes holding it … much more secure. Very nice quality…’ The customer who bought this product is very satisfied with it.


Overall, I conclude my iPad Case review by saying that I found the best iPad cover to be Product #2, the Executive Leather Snugg Apple Smart Cover. It has all of the features of Product #1, plus the extra storage for cards and thin materials, which I found very handy. This case may not swivel around like the first one, but that is made up for with the easy access to ports such as the headphones and charger slots. It’s design make it travel-friendly and it comes with a free stylus pen, which makes the iPad all the more interactive. It is a must-buy for frequent travellers who need the durability, interactivity and storage, and for those who like to travel in style.

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