Amazon Echo Vs Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo is a wifi-enabled hands-free speaker that is controlled by voice which has the ability to play all of your music from Amazon music, Spotify, Pandora, Tunein and lots lots more. The immersive 360 omni-directional audio built inside the speaker can fill an entire room with sound. With far-field recognition, your voice can be heard from across the room even when music is playing. By installing the mobile Alexa app, the personal voice assistant, Alexa, has the ability to answer questions, read news, sport & weather, audiobooks, order dominos and request an Uber.Even lights, switches and thermostats can be controlled by asking Alexa. As Alexa was built in the cloud, it regularly gets smarter. The more you use the Echo, the more it adapts to your speech patterns, vocabulary and personal preferences whether that be your favourite music or food.

With the popular voice assistant’s such as Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana already released, the Echo had to pull off something amazing to compete with these assistant’s. The current voice assistant’s clearly had a few advantages over the Echo. They all are part of your phone (used on the go) and can be used to take calls, send texts and read emails. But the Echo responds to commands quicker and more accurately than any other voice assistant, can be heard across rooms, has powerful audio quality and the Echo’s improvements are much more transparent.

If you have multiple Echo devices, Alexa responds intelligently from the Echo you’re closest to with ESP (Echo Spatial Perception).

Key Features

  • Voice Activation                                            
  • Built-in speaker
  • Controls Appliances
  • Plays music from compatible music services
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Access to a range of third-party providers
  • Far-field recognition

A smaller and more compact version of the Echo is the newly released Echo Dot. It contains the same features as the Echo but instead connects to other speakers or headphones through bluetooth of 3.5mm stereo cable to play music from the compatible music services.

The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot can be used by anyone, but are more suited towards families. Both devices can be used in a young child’s bedroom routine. Alexa can play lullabies, set a bedtime timer, read bedtime stories and parents can speak to their child from another room. For the families with teens, Alexa provides unlimited music & tools suiting their education and entertainment.

The Amazon Echo is available in either black or white and sits around $100-200 as of Feb 2017.

Compared to the current hands-free speakers around, the Amazon Echo is undoubtedly the smartest and one of the best connected smart home products money can currently buy.

The Echo Dot, a smaller version of the Echo is available in Black or White and sits around $30-80 as of Feb 2017.  With the optional Echo Dot Case, you can choose from a range of different styles that suit your style.

The Amazon Echo  and Echo Dot are the best smart devices money can currently buy offering many services for the owner to enjoy. If you believe that these devices are not for you, think again, they will surprise you.




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