13 Inch Macbook Air review

13 inch Macbook Air

13 inch Macbook Air review

It is becoming more and more necessary for people to have laptop computers.  Everything is becoming digitalised.There’s a good chance that you are  left with that dinosaur of computer. If you’ve reached the stage where you realise that you need a new computer and you want to start looking. Read this review.

About the company-Apple

13 inch Macbook Air


Apple is an american based technology company. Apple produces a wide variety of products. These product include phones, tablets and computers. All Apple product have excellent connect-ability with each other. Also Apple products all have access to the app store. This allows the computers to easily purchase and download applications. iTunes is also on all Apple computers. Allowing users to easily download music and Tv shows, as well as movies and film clips.

About the 13 inch Macbook Air

13 inch Macbook Air



Apple has recently bought out their latest new computer; the 13 inch Macbook Air. This computer is the perfect choice for people who may not want a particularly powerful computer. But instead want excellent durability. Fantastic power efficiency.And easy portability. This computer is an excellent piece of equipment. It is Ideal for both recreational use and business use.

This 13 inch Macbook Air has many benefits that make it an excellent  purchase. The 13 inch Macbook Air is an excellent computer that should be taken into consideration for purchase. The 13 inch Macbook Air has many excellent features that make it one of the best computers out. This computer is very light. It only weighs 1.35Kg. The 13 inch Macbook Air has an impressive 4GB of RAM. This means that it opens programs extremely fast. This computer also has 2 Usb ports, a thunderbolt port and a headphone port. For excellent connect-ability with other devices. This computer has a 128GB SSD hardrive, which makes it very fast. The computer also features a  720p camera. Finally and best of all it has 12 hours of battery life!! These factors make the 13 inch Macbook Air a great purchase. You can read more on the 13 inch Macbook Air specs at


  • 128 GB SSD hardrive
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 720p camera
  • 2 USB ports
  • Thunderbolt port
  • Headphones port
  • Only weighs 1.35KG
  • Opens programs extremely fast
  • Useful commands and shortcuts that are easy to learn
  • Powerful speakers

This product has a long list of pros. However their are some cons to consider before you purchase it.


  • Price, $999
  • Not very much Data storage
  •  No disk drive
  • Can get very hot on the bottom
  • Has a loud fan
  • Has a weak processor [this is compensated by the fast hardrive


In conclusion the 13 inch Macbook Air is an excellent purchase for anyone looking for a great computer. This computer has great portability is extremely lightweight. The battery life is exceptional. It is far better then any other competitors out there. This computer is very fast and has excellent connect-ability. This computer  has only a few disadvantages. These include price and lack of storage. Overall the 13 inch Macbook Air is an excellent purchase for anyone looking for a reliable and portable computer.

13 inch Macbook Air


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